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Practifi Petit Verdot Release Notes



We’re excited to bring you our latest product release, Practifi Petit Verdot.

Originally from the Bordeaux region of France, Petit Verdot grapes add depth and structure to classic red blends. Notes of dark fruit, tobacco and leather make this grape desirable for sophisticated and refined palates. While rarely seen as a single varietal, Petit Verdot blends are an excellent companion to dishes like slow-cooked lamb shanks or hearty wild mushroom risotto.

Similarly, Practifi Petit Verdot introduces new capabilities that will add richness to your day-to-day.  With a variety of new features and enhancements designed to automate work and delight clients, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Practifi Petit Verdot will be available starting from September 11, 2023. If you have any questions or want to learn more, your Client Success Manager will be happy to help. You can view the more technical product release notes here.

Key Highlights

Proactively engage clients with the Rulebook

Standardize processes and help advisory teams engage clients proactively with Practifi’s Rulebook. Automate your firm’s internal “rulebook” to ensure your teams are prompted to engage clients and prospects at the right time. Also, when specific criteria are met, the system can automatically create tasks, post to noticeboards, send notifications, start processes and more.

Make everyday task easier with Active Form enhancements

Improve efficiency with a suite of Active Form enhancements that make everyday tasks easier to complete. For instance, tables that allow users to create and update multiple records within tasks, a new address field that leverages Google Maps autocomplete and alternative picklist display options to improve data capture.

Organize your data and find what you need with Record List enhancements

Use Record Lists in new ways to improve the user experience. Stack and expand Record Lists to improve the overall display and organization of data in your Practifi instance. New filtering options for Record Lists also help teams find the information they need quickly, so they can work more efficiently.

Other Product Enhancements

Create rules across your firm with the Rule Builder

Build rules and manage complex criteria logic to make Practifi automate everyday work for your firm. System administrators can use the Rule Builder to create and manage rule logic for the Rulebook, validation rules for Active Form Fields and more.

Create rules for specific records with Rule-Based Actions

Roll out rule-based actions and alerts for Processes, Task Templates, Deliverables and other Practifi record templates. Similar to the Rulebook, system administrators can set up rule-based actions to automate work behind the scenes.

Add more context with Practifi Merge Language

Empower teams by adding additional context to automated tasks, alerts and more. System administrators can use Practifi Merge Language to create preformatted text that’s contextually relevant using merge fields sourced from related records.

Get work done quicker with enhancements to workflows

Increase team efficiency and overall usability with a suite of workflow enhancements. Share task ownership with multiple roles so someone else can take over when the primary owner is out of office, find new tasks and processes quicker and reduce clicks when a task is completed.

Capture data from parties outside your firm with workflows for Portals

Improve client satisfaction and increase business efficiency with workflows for Practifi Portals. This release makes it possible to leverage the power of Practifi’s workflow engine in your Practifi Portal. Clients can self-serve by updating their personal information and requesting processes on their own. Data captured in the Portal syncs directly to Practifi and kicks off automation, saving time for everyone. Note: Practifi Portals is a platform add-on and is priced separately.

Improve internal communication with Noticeboard additions

Improve communication and visibility throughout the firm with additional Noticeboard capabilities. Enable critical alerts on related client records such as tasks or emails, use the Noticeboard on all entities and share Noticeboard posts across related entities to ensure everyone is up-to-date.

Track client sentiment with Microsoft 365 Email Sync Sentiment Analysis

Analyze client sentiment objectively with Microsoft 365 Email Sync Sentiment Analysis. With a greater understanding of client sentiment, advisory teams can provide tailored communications and track progress over time. Note: The Microsoft 365 Sync integration is priced separately.

Streamline the Envestnet proposal lifecycle within Practifi

Improve the proposal creation process with enhancements to our Envestnet integration. Manage the entire proposal lifecycle within Practifi’s workflow engine, streamlining the process and improving the experience for advisory teams.

Save and store historical client data when updates are made

Improve data retention when advisory teams make changes to contacts’ personal information. Current and historical addresses, emails, phone numbers and more can now be stored in Contact Point records for easy storage and access. Note: This feature is not enabled automatically.

Capture more client data with customizable field mapping options

Improve data capture with additional mapping options for custom fields. Sync custom fields to Practifi’s contact points so advisory teams always have access to their clients’ most up-to-date information. 

Want to learn more?

Your Client Success Manager is here to help. Let them know if you have any questions or would like to learn how to make the most of these product capabilities.

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