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Practifi Sandbox

Practifi Sandbox

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Fuel your firm’s technology evolution

To be a leading firm in the industry requires constant evolution. Practifi Sandbox provides an agile environment to fuel innovation, all while offering the security, transparency and flexibility your firm needs to implement creative solutions safely.

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A safe place to test, train and innovate

Practifi Sandbox helps fuel your firm’s innovation by providing a safe environment to faciliate team training, upgrade your platform and test new customizations.

Train teams quickly

Train your teams on new product features or customizations in an isolated environment.

Manage risks effectively

Test new product releases and customizations before roll-out to manage impact and reduce risk.

Create new opportunities

Unleash creativity and create custom solutions to solve unique problems or enhance efficiency.

Choose your Sandbox

Whether you need an identical copy environment to test large-scale upgrades, a simpler option for team trainings, or an open canvas to get creative, there’s a Sandbox to suit your needs.

Full Sandbox

Upgrade technology seamlessly with the most comprehensive copy org for end-to-end testing. Ideal for large-scale customizations or upgrades.

Partial Sandbox

Make decisions quickly with a reduced data capacity org to test minor updates intermittently. Ideal for small-scale and quick functionality testing.

Developer Pro Sandbox

An environment made for custom development and innovation. Ideal for unleashing creativity and testing new ideas in a non-production org.

Hear from our client: Mercer

“The Practifi Sandbox environments form a critical part of our delivery cycle because we have the ability to test and refine enhancements prior to releasing updates into our production environment, ultimately resulting in seamless roll-outs and increased product adoption. These environments also enable us to conduct training and prepare training materials ahead of any changes, ensuring a smooth delivery of product upgrades to our users.

Narelle Howard
CRM Leader // Mercer

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Practifi Sandbox is available to new and existing Practifi users. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with your CSM or grab some time with a member of our team today.

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