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Practifi in the News

Practifi Selected As Performance Optimization Platform by Concurrent Advisors

december 20, 2022

Under the new partnership, Practifi will provide a CRM system that will empower Concurrent’s independent advisors to automate workflows, access high-net-worth client records, and transform business intelligence into insight and action at scale.

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Practifi Business Development App Pioneering M&A Tech

august 22, 2022

With an established track record of excellence in streamlining practices and enhancing efficiencies, Practifi is the ideal behind-the-scenes partner for registered investment advisors (RIAs) and wealth managers considering deal-making.

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Practifi Unveils Brand Evolution

april 29, 2022

Practifi announced the company has evolved its brand to align with its growth, vision and suite of new platform capabilities.

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WSR Pathfinder Awards – Top Women COOs in Wealth Management

march 05, 2022

With seven years of experience at wealth management solutions platform provider Practifi, Emily Wilcox rose to the rank of COO almost four years ago. 

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Practifi Named a Finalist in Two Categories for the 2021 2021 Industry Awards

JUNE 01, 2021

Practifi has been named a finalist in two Technology Providers categories – CRM and Innovation New Applications – for’s 2021 Industry Awards. 

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Working with Partners to Drive Efficiencies During COVID

APril 27, 2021

Bleakley Financial Group makes a case for close collaboration with partners to drive operational efficiencies, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Envestnet Expands Partnership with Practifi, Widening Integration to Reach More Advisors via Leading Unified Advice Platform

APril 13, 2021

Greater Efficiencies & Opportunities for Scale Available to Advisors Through Full Envestnet/Practifi Integration

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Practifi Featured in The Wealth Mosaic’s First U.S. Technology Landscape Report

March 18, 2021

Part of the Wealth Technology Landscape Report Series, this first US report features a categorized solution provider directory of 921 technology and related providers to the wealth management sector in the United States

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Fintech Luminaries – Meet Adrian Johnstone of Practifi

March 1, 2021

Practifi’s CCO, Adrian Johnstone was selected and interviewed for the Fintech Luminaries series on Digital Wealth News.

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100 People Transforming Business in APAC: Practifi COO Emily Wilcox

September 9, 2020

Practifi’s COO, Emily Wilcox, named one of Business Insider’s 100 people transforming business in Asia.

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Wealth Management Industry Award

Practifi Named a Finalist for the 2020 Industry Awards

June 16, 2020

Practifi named a finalist for the Technology Providers – CRM category for the’s 2020 Industry Awards.

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Five Fintech Solutions for Financial Planners

april 27, 2020

The FPA continues to roll out tools and guides to help members navigate the myriad of fintech solutions available in the marketplace. Practifi was highlighted as a fintech provider working with the FPA.

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WealthTech Insights With Practifi Co-Founder Adrian Johnstone

March 30, 2020

With over 25 years experience driving strategic change for wealth management firms, Adrian Johnstone has direct experience in what works and what doesn’t.

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3 Questions With Glenn Elliott of Practifi

february 14, 2020

Our very own CEO answers a few questions about Practifi in this short feature article.

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Aussie SaaS startup Practifi nabs $24M, after US operations go “from strength to strength”

January 14, 2020

Aussie Software-as-a-Service startup Practifi has raised $US$16.3 million ($23.6 million) in Series B funding, as it ramps up its US business. And co-founder Glenn Elliot says when it comes to cracking the States, Aussie startups have it all to play for…

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Australian Fintech Startup Raises $16M to Grow Its Chicago Office

January 10, 2020

Practifi, a Sydney, Australia-based SaaS company with a growing Chicago presence, has raised a new round of venture capital funding…

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Practifi Raises 16.3M to Grow Its Business Management Platform

January 10, 2020

Business management platform provider Practifi announced today it raised $16.3M in Series B funding led by Updata Partners…

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Lindsey Hanson from Practifi on why customer success still matters in a digital economy

october 18, 2019

As our very own Lindsey Hanson explains, the nature of the global marketplace may change, but the needs of the customer will always have to be met.

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Practifi’s Lindsey Hanson: Customer success is never just a cost of doing business

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

As our Head of Client Success explains, once you create a customer-centric business, your customers will be the best sales team you could ask for.


18 Enlightening Fintech Products That You Need to Know About

september 11, 2019

Our team took the stage at In|Vest 2019 to show our alternative to traditional CRM systems.

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Practifi’s Lindsey Hanson on putting the customer first

August 29, 2019

Our very own Head of Client Success, Lindsey Hanson, sat down with the Enterprise Podcast Network to discuss the many ways we keep our clients satisfied.

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Practifi’s Lindsey Hanson is making customer success a priority

August 15, 2019

Our very own Head of Client Success, Lindsey Hanson, sat down with the Enterprise Podcast Network to discuss how we secure the satisfaction of our clients.

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Practifi named one of the “6 Best CRMs for Financial Advisors in 2019”

August 5, 2019

After evaluating several CRMs, Practifi was named in the top 6 best CRMs based on criteria that included ease of use, affordability, and advisor-specific functionality.

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Emily Wilcox: The Australian COO making waves throughout the American fintech space

May 27, 2019

Our COO, Emily Wilcox, talks about her emerging role within the field, how fintech is developing, and what the future holds for CRMs and women in the financial services sector.

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Practifi’s local COO is changing the American fintech space

May 14, 2019

Speaking from her new home in Chicago, our COO, Emily Wilcox, outlines the ways she’s disrupting the establishment of the American fintech sector.

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Women in fintech and Practifi: Breeding a better culture

march 8, 2019

On the heels of International Women’s Day, our company is ensuring that change and opportunity are not exclusively reserved for one day a year.

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Best in show: Australia’s Practifi at InVest West

February 5, 2019

At San Francisco’s InVest West, our Practifi team turned heads at one of the nation’s major financial planning conferences.

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Practifi: The secret recipe for starting a successful Fintech company

December 10, 2018

Our CCO and co-founder, Adrian Johnstone, sat down with the Entrepreneur Podcast Network to discuss Practifi’s birth and what we hope to achieve next.

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Practifi expand into the US, with 27 year old Emily Wilcox named COO

september 4, 2018

In an industry shattering move, Practifi has named 27 year old Emily Wilcox as COO, proving that the established barriers only exist to be torn down.

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