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PractifiU is a scalable e-learning platform designed to help advisory teams modernize training, boost product knowledge and improve overall Practifi adoption.

Meet the diverse needs and goals of your team today.

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Learn anytime, anywhere

With teams working from home, in the office and across different time zones, scheduling recurring product training is nearly impossible.

Through PractifiU, users can access training content and complete courses at the time and place most convenient for them. With progress regularly saved, learners can start and stop at their own pace.

A dynamic and engaging learning experience

People learn in all sorts of ways — that’s why PractifiU offers written and video content, interactive element and hands-on exercises to keep learners engaged.

The platform uses a system of points, badges and leaderboards to incentivize learning and foster healthy competition, driving teams to learn more and deepen their knowledge.


Oversight to keep teams on track

One of the biggest barriers to improving adoption is understanding and tracking the knowledge and skill-levels of team members.

In PractifiU, firms can assign courses and access a comprehensive dashboard of usage and progress metrics. This promotes accountability, transparency and greater insight into adoption.

Learning that meets your team’s diverse needs

PractifiU delivers a range of course content for administrators and end-users, allowing teams to take charge of the breadth and depth of their training.


Individual courses cover features and functionality within Practifi, such as navigation, client basics and tasks and activities.

Learning Paths

Undergraduate, Graduate and Advanced Study learning paths are collections of courses tailored to build and improve skill levels.


PractifiU offers courses covering the key features of new product releases, allowing users to get certified on the latest enhancements.

Firms love using PractifiU

PractifiU is a powerful resource that allows each user to gain a better understanding of key features and processes via easy-to-follow training modules. PractifiU also allows system administrators to assign and monitor training for their teams.
Bryan Krill
COO and President, Wacker Wealth Partners
After onboarding and during our initial usage period, we introduced PractifiU to all our users as an educational and practical use tool. Every user completed training courses. PractifiU has a robust library that should be used in training for every new user.
Bill Walsh
President, Hennion & Walsh
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