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Practifi Protect

Practifi Protect

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Elevate your firm’s cybersecurity

As gatekeepers to valuable client data, wealth management firms are attractive targets for cyberattacks. With Practifi Protect, you’ll get an additional layer of security to guard your data and meet cybersecurity regulations.

Comprehensive coverage

Practifi Protect gives you comprehensive protection so your firm can enforce governance, strengthen compliance and increase transparency across departments, branches, and networks as you continue to scale.

Enforce governance

Build and maintain trust by enforcing data ownership in accordance with your firm’s corporate governance framework.

Strengthen compliance

Instill a culture of compliance to better prepare your firm for cyberattacks and for SEC or FINRA reviews.

Increase transparency

Have complete visibility into platform usage and effortlessly disclose servicing cost and fees for regulators.

An additional layer of security

Practifi Protect provides enterprise-grade data encryption, usage monitoring and field audit history tracking to guard your client data and elevate your firm’s cybersecurity plan.

Data encryption

Natively encrypt sensitive data at rest across all your Practifi apps. Protect proprietary data and meet SEC and FINRA data compliance policies.

Usage monitoring

Access detailed performance, security and usage data on all your Practifi apps. Track every interaction via API and easily visualize the data in Practifi.

Field history tracking

Monitor the state of your data from any date, at any time. Create a forensic data-level audit trail and see when field data was changed and by whom.

Hear from our client: Mercer

“The Practifi Sandbox environments form a critical part of our delivery cycle because we have the ability to test and refine enhancements prior to releasing updates into our production environment, ultimately resulting in seamless roll-outs and increased product adoption. These environments also enable us to conduct training and prepare training materials ahead of any changes, ensuring a smooth delivery of product upgrades to our users.

Narelle Howard
CRM Leader // Mercer

Want to learn more?

Practifi Protect is available to new and existing Practifi users. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with your CSM or grab some time with a member of our team today.

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