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Practifi Promote

Practifi Promote

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Craft data-driven marketing campaigns

In an increasingly competitive market, Practifi Promote gives marketing teams access to the data they need to delight clients, engage prospects and drive data-driven results for your firm.

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Drive marketing results for your firm

Practifi Promote helps marketing teams build segmented lists, create more meaningful connections and track campaign performance across the full customer lifecycle.

Build segmented lists

Use Practifi data, such as financial products, AUM, location and age to build segmented lists for campaigns.

Create meaningful connections

Leverage data insights to craft targeted campaigns and build personalized emails to create personal and effortless relationships.

Track campaign performance

Manage campaigns and track performance against engagement and leads generated to help refine your marketing strategy. 

Unlock data-driven insights

With access to the Marketing app and Campaign object, Practifi Promote provides marketing teams with everything they need to craft and report on data-driven campaigns. 

Practifi wealth management performance optimization platform and CRM
Marketing app

Access the Practifi database to gain insights, create lists, manage campaigns, send emails and track performance. 

Campaign object

Leverage campaign functionality within Practifi and use 34 new fields to capture campaign data and report on results. 

Scale marketing excellence

Practifi Promote enables integration with marketing automation platforms like Pardot, Marketing Cloud and Constant Contact to help scale campaign management and drive marketing excellence.

Practifi wealth management performance optimization platform and CRM

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Practifi Promote is available as a subscription add-on. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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