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Live and recorded webinars sharing helpful tips, insights and updates.

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December 2021

US WealthTech Talks | Driving Growth in Wealth Management with Technology

The role played by technology around almost every industry is increasingly dynamic and multidimensional. In wealth management, it is no different. Learn what technologies and tools drive growth, how a wealth management firm should set up its technology to support its growth objectives, and much more.


On-Demand Webinars

November 2021

Digital Wealth News | Preparing Financial Advisors for the Great Wealth Transfer

The greatest wealth transfer in history is underway as aging generations pass on their assets to their younger heirs. Learn how technology and data will reshape the financial advisory of the future and get an in-depth look into the goals and priorities of the younger generation.

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September 2021 | How to Build an Ideal Tech Stack for a Data-Driven Business

Digital revolution is impacting the financial services industry and the right technology can help your firm not just survive but thrive. Learn how advisors can build an efficient, data-driven business through workflows, customized dashboards, and seamless integrations for both increased productivity and profitability.

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December 2020 | How Advisory Firms Can Thrive During Difficult Conditions

Regardless of pandemics, politics, or natural disasters, advisory firms need to consistently deliver value to their clients even during difficult times. Learn how to leverage technology to build a more resilient future.

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March 2020

ThinkAdvisor | How to Use Tech to Turn Volatility into Stability and Scalability

With the recent market downturn and ongoing uncertainty, advisors now more than ever need to have the right technology and processes in place to help efficiently and calmly guide their clients’ investing decisions. 

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March 2020

Masters of Change Management | Expert Tips to Scale Your Firm Through Volatile Markets

Change is never easy, and it’s often thrust upon us. Market volatility will require wealth managers to operate at peak efficiency in order to survive, but does your firm have the processes and tools in place to help your advisors access critical data?

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March 2020

Practifi + Addepar | Bridging the Gap Between Portfolio Management & Client Service

Spending time toggling between your portfolio and business management tools can be disruptive and time consuming. Instead, learn how integrating the two platforms can elevate your clients’ experience.

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February 2020

Workflows 101: How to Supercharge Your Firm’s Efficiency

How you create, implement, and maintain workflows can greatly impact your advice firm and business growth. Take a step back in this quick workshop to understand what workflows can do and how they can increase your efficiency and streamline your business operations and compliance efforts.

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January 2020

3 Keys to Successfully Growing Your Firm in 2020

Growth isn’t always about getting bigger. And trying to grow without any direction or plan can be a recipe for failure. So, before embarking on a journey for growth, learn what growth can mean for you and how you can build a more thoughtful plan for getting there.

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