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Practifi Montepulciano Release Notes

BY finn gilbert


We’re excited to bring you our latest product release, Practifi Montepulciano.

Montepulciano, or as we Australians affectionately say, ‘Monte’ grapes are grown throughout much of central and southern Italy. The most famous examples of this popular, full-bodied red wine come from the Italian region of Abruzzo. Known for its versatility and approachability, Monte wines pair with a wide range of dishes. However, due to its high tannins, this grape pairs particularly well with fatty dishes such as roasted pork shoulder, beef tacos and pizza. Like Shiraz, it is hardy and can thrive in various weather conditions.

Similarly, Practifi Montepulciano is full of robust product enhancements across a wide range of product areas. With a variety of improvements based on client feedback, we’re confident this release will provide a better user experience for your team and product foundation to build on going forward.

Practifi Montepulciano will be available starting from April 29, 2024. If you have any questions or want to learn more, your Client Success Manager will be happy to help. You can view more detailed product release notes here.

Product Enhancements

Make calls with enhanced click-to-dial functionality

For firms with a soft-phone integration, your advisory team can initiate calls with a click from even more places in Practifi. This includes Member and Client Entities sections on the Key Records component, Contact Details component and list views where phone numbers are displayed.

Create Relationships from the Contact record page

Advisory teams can now link Client, Entity and Contact records directly from Contact record pages, expanding mapping capabilities. In addition, teams can now link Contacts with other Contacts, opening up a range of possibilities to better understand your network.

View contact details on an Individual record page

To make it easier for advisory teams to find Individual contact information, the Individual record page has been enhanced to match the Household and Organization page layouts. Key contact information, including name, age, preferred phone and email, has been added to the Individual Overview section.

Access the Feed in the sidebar of Task and Event record pages

Access the Feed from any tab while working on a Task or Event record, improving collaboration and providing quick access to relevant discussions and updates associated with specific tasks and events. 

Know when Feed posts are made with detailed timestamps

In certain areas of the product, advisory teams can now see the exact time and date of when Feed posts were made, improving transparency and accountability. 

Resolved Issues by Product Areas

Active Forms

Improve overall efficiency and complete tasks smoothly with a range of Active Form updates. Now supporting file uploads, they ensure uploaded files are saved to launch Tasks. Record-locking issues during updates have been resolved, improving system stability. Pinned Fields are now visible in the “Start a Process” window, enhancing user experience. Decimal input is supported, enabling more accurate data entry. Tasks can now be completed more consistently with Active Form fields, ensuring a smoother workflow. Finally, premature validation errors during Task completion have been prevented, enhancing overall usability.

Processes, Tasks and Fixes

This update emphasizes improvements to process, task and activity management within Practifi. With the introduction of Process Groups, users can now categorize processes, making it much simpler to find and handle them—especially beneficial for firms with lengthy process lists. With refinements to default process naming and various task management features, users can efficiently manage their tasks and activities, promoting a smoother and more productive workflow experience.

Entity Records

Improvements to Entity records will help your team better understand your book of business. Operations teams have greater control and flexibility over managing critical events, such as household member deaths. Updates have also been made to retain data during client lifecycle changes, ensuring crucial information like descriptions and preferred phone settings remain intact. Additionally, fixes to address issues with address syncing and division logic contribute to smoother operations and data accuracy within Practifi.

Assets and Liabilities

Assets and Liabilities enhancements streamline role management and automate processes for smoother data handling in Practifi. With a new character limit feature and automatic role creation, users can efficiently manage roles for assets and liabilities, ensuring accurate data representation. Additionally, fixes to entity display improve data clarity and organization, enhancing the user experience and data integrity.

List Views

Improvements to List Views ensure accurate record displays and smoother navigation. Fixes to filter queries eliminate discrepancies, while enhancements to record selection prevent persistence across different views. Improved Data Management app list views enhance data management capabilities, displaying all intended records. Merged filters in the Management app simplify task assignment options, providing more efficient task management tools.


Integrations with multiple partners have been refined for an improved user experience. Descriptions for Microsoft 365 events sync more accurately and multi-day events display correctly. Search functionality is enhanced for both Addepar and Black Diamond. In addition, our MoneyGuide integration now includes Prospect data. Finally, Orion Connect benefits from a new installment rollup summary which improves revenue calculations.

Want to learn more?

Your Client Success Manager is here to help. Let them know if you have any questions or would like to learn how to make the most of these product improvements.

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