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How to Unlock Actionable Insights with Practifi


To strengthen client relationships and scale your advisory firm sustainably, your team needs easy access to information that’s accurate and comprehensive.

Achieving this in reality, however, continues to be a challenge for advisors and management teams. Using separate platforms to store client and business data not only makes it difficult to access information quickly, but can also lead to tedious and inaccurate reporting. As a result, advisory teams may make ill-informed business decisions that cause client relationships to suffer.

Accessing accurate and actionable data is much easier when you run your business on a central hub that surfaces up to date information relevant to each role. Practifi, a business management platform designed for the wealth management industry, brings together data from disparate systems and displays the most important information to empower advisors and management teams. 

Informative dashboards for each role

With a constant inflow of emails, phone calls, tasks and requests, it’s difficult to know where to invest your time. What’s more, each role within an advisory firm has different priorities and needs access to different information. For example, if a client rings an advisor asking about the status of their investment analysis, the advisor needs to quickly check and know the stage of the delegated task. By contrast, if a marketing specialist has to report on campaign engagement metrics, they need to know how many prospects were created as a result of the campaign. 

In one glance, Practifi makes it easy for each member in your firm to gain instant insights related to their role. Customized dashboards provide up to date information for advisors, client service representatives, marketing and management teams so everyone can drill into data that’s important for them. Tasks due that day are listed alongside any upcoming meetings so everyone is aware of their current deliverables and can take action accordingly.

Comprehensive, easy-to-find records

On any given day, your team will need detailed information related to a prospect, client, partner or entity in your database. Unfortunately many systems not only struggle to provide a centralized list of this information, but they also fail to surface reliable data for each. As a result, staff waste valuable time hunting through emails and different systems to find information that should be easily accessible. 

Practifi’s Directory solves this problem by providing a centralized and comprehensive list of all records in your database. As such, it’s easy to segment and search for any household, prospect, partner or entity recognized by your firm. In addition, by pulling up client or prospect records, you can instantly view key information such as AUM, annualized revenue, potential AUM, days since they were last contacted and more. With these capabilities, your team will always have the most reliable and accurate information regarding any record in your system.

Accurate reports on metrics that matter

When making important business decisions, you and your team need to have access to data that’s not only comprehensive, but also up to date. Too often this data exists in separate systems which makes reporting difficult, inaccurate and unreliable. For example, if you need to pull a comprehensive report on the number of new deals opened last quarter, it would be beneficial to have the deal owner, deal amount, service type and estimated close date of each as well.

Practifi helps you and your teams make well-informed decisions by providing real-time data on metrics that matter. With a suite of pre-made reports and performance dashboards available out of the box, it’s easy to track new clients by advisor, referrals by source, deals by service type, and more. The success of your firm depends on the ability to access reliable data and take action when needed. Practifi’s enterprise-grade reporting capabilities make it easy to monitor all areas of the business so you can confidently manage firm metrics from anywhere.

Unlock actionable insights with Practifi

To build better client relationships and scale sustainably, advisors and management teams need access to reliable and comprehensive data from wherever they are.

Practifi makes this possible by bringing together data from separate systems and surfacing insights that are specific to each team. With role-specific dashboards, comprehensive account records and enterprise-grade reports, Practifi can help unlock actionable insights within your firm, and more.

To learn how Practifi can help your firm, book some time with a member of our team today. And if you’re interested in learning more about our platform, you can check out additional features here

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