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Make data-driven decisions 

Executives of today’s leading wealth management firms need data to make important decisions regarding clients, profitability and overall business health. Practifi Propel surfaces whole-of-firm data in an elegant and powerful business intelligence experience so executives can make informed decisions quickly. 

An elegant and powerful BI experience

With easy access to client, profitability and business health data, executives can future-proof the firm, reduce risk exposure and monitor business performance.

Future-proof the firm

Gain a top-down view of profitability so you can plan for the future.

Identify which age bands, clients, regions and divisions are driving revenue, as well as which ones may need a closer look due to their high servicing costs.

Reduce risk exposure

Minimize risk with a comprehensive overview of client demographics. 

See how many clients are in each age band, identify the average client tenure and proactively adjust client distribution in case of a sudden advisor departure.

Monitor business performance

Ensure the firm is on track with detailed pipeline reporting. 

Monitor prospect and deal performance by age band, segmentation, add-on, service type and advisor to ensure the business is growing as intended.

Superior power for future-focused firms

Combining the power of CRM Analytics and Practifi’s industry-specific design, Practifi Propel helps wealth management firms understand the past and prepare for the future.

Executive App

Access Practifi Propel through an exclusive app made specifically for executives. A new role-based app, the Executive app makes it easy to access whole-of-firm data and draw insights quickly.

Time Machine

Go back in time and uncover your firm’s story with Practifi Propel’s time machine. See how the firm performed in the past and compare it with current data to identify trends and insights.

Milestone Markers

Use watchlists or notifications to know when the business reaches key milestones. Executives can set milestones important to them, such as when the firm reaches a revenue or client goal.

Hear from our client: Mercer

“The Practifi Sandbox environments form a critical part of our delivery cycle because we have the ability to test and refine enhancements prior to releasing updates into our production environment, ultimately resulting in seamless roll-outs and increased product adoption. These environments also enable us to conduct training and prepare training materials ahead of any changes, ensuring a smooth delivery of product upgrades to our users.

Narelle Howard
CRM Leader // Mercer

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