Practifi Shiraz Late Harvest Release Notes

We’re excited to share with you our Practifi Shiraz Late Harvest release!

With a core focus on improving existing integrations, Campaign capabilities, and task management functions, we’re excited to announce our fifth product release for the year is here. Here’s a few things you can now enjoy with Practifi Shiraz Late Harvest.

Late harvest wines are made from grapes left on the vine a little longer than the norm, concentrating the sugar and creating a sweeter wine. Likewise, our Practifi Shiraz Late Harvest includes some tweaks and fixes that you’ll find very sweet indeed.

Practifi Shiraz Late Harvest will be deployed starting from November 4, 2019.

Key Enhancements

In this Late Harvest, we’ve harvested all of the feedback from our clients on ways to improve our exisiting integrations, specifically portfolio management & financial planning tools. As a result, our Addepar, Black Diamond & Iress Xplan integrations have received a suite of improvements and fixes that will make your day-to-day usage faster, simpler & more consistent.

Task list views and record pages now contain a ‘Complete’ button that updates the Task Stage in one click. If the Task is part of a Process and has defined Outcomes, then you will be able to select your desired outcome before the task is completed. Just another way we’re making it easier for you to power through tasks and drive efficiency for your team.

In our last release, we announced our initial support for Salesforce Campaigns, allowing you to connect Practifi with leading marketing automation platforms such as Marketo, Pardot and Mailchimp. We’ve since enhanced that support by providing a suite of pages to help navigate campaigns within Practifi. Now you can create campaigns, manage members and view summary performance data within the context of your advice firm all within Practifi. To find out more about how to activate Salesforce Campaigns, speak to your Client Success Manager.

Product Enhancements

Personalize what you capture from your Clients with Extra Information 

We have introduced an additional subtab called “Extra Information” on the Client and Person Basics pages. These pages can be customized to include and additional fields you wish to have without preventing you from receiving future page enhancements.

Relate emails to more Practifi records

The Salesforce Outlook and Gmail add-ons have always allowed you to link emails to Prospects, Clients, Providers and People, but we’ve extended the add-on to include Tasks, Services and Interactions as well.

Restrict Insurance pages to Insurance Providers

The “Insurance Related” checkbox has been added to Provider Types, which determines whether a Provider record is available for selection within Insurance pages.

Estimate future revenue of Prospects

You can now enter potential future revenue of Prospects as either a ‘Flat Fee’ or ‘% of AUM’ for more accurate revenue forecasting.

Integrations and ecosystem Enhancements

  • The ‘Addepar’ page in Data Management now provides the ability to link multiple portfolios and clients quickly and easily.
  • The stage of ‘Owned’ and valuation date is set upon sync. If the portfolio is removed from Addepar, the Practifi asset and holdings are marked as ‘disposed’.
Black Diamond
  • The Source field on Black Diamond Asset records now contains information about the custodian the Asset was sourced from.
  • The Name field no longer displays “&” instead of an ampersand.
Iress Xplan
  • Client Names in Practifi are no longer overridden by the Xplan Primary Contact Name.
  • Missing Address fields and behavioral issues to do with country codes have been resolved.
  • Optional sync of Practifi Interactions, Feed posts, file attachments and changes to FDS/Opt-In dates with Xplan File Notes (one-way).
  • Superannuation Assets and Insurance Policies belonging to the partner in Xplan are now synced with the Client in Practifi.
  • Holdings will still synchronize if the ISIN value is null.
New Practifi API capabilities
  • Searching, filtering and sorting operations are now supported for Clients, Entities and Prospects.

Bugs and other issues

The following issues have been resolved in this release:
  • Primary Contact details are not displayed in the Prospect Header.

  • Prospect Start Date is displayed on the Client record.

  • Time Entries cannot be related to Prospects.

  • In some time zones, when creating a recurring Task, the first Task in the series is not created.

  • Tasks related to a Provider can’t be seen in that Provider’s Task list view.

  • The ‘Bulk Create Tasks’ wizard does not allow Tasks to be related to People.

Other fixes
  • Interactions created through the ‘Bulk Create Interactions’ wizard are not available as Related Interactions.

  • The ‘Communications’ field for People does not support custom values.

  • Have introduced filters on the Influencers page so that you can now see influencers (COI) with no referred clients and individuals that have referred clients but are not yet flagged as influencers.

  • Skuid Update: Skuid has not been upgraded for this release. 

Want to know more?

Your Client Success Manager is here to help. Let them know if you have any questions or would like to learn how to make the most of these product improvements.

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