Growth Story: Streamlining the Client Experience with Brian Murphy of Pathways Financial Partners

Brian Murphy, Founder and CEO of Pathways Financial Partners joins us for our fourth interview in our Growth Story series. 

With 30+ years experience as a financial advisor, Brian shares his learnings and insights that have helped him grow his financial advisory business, Pathways Financial Partners.

Based in Tuscon, AZ, the team at Pathways Financial Partners have helped their clients navigate their own financial journeys for the last 20 years. Their mission as a firm is to strive to make a positive, significant and lasting impact on their clients’ lives. Brian says, “We want them to be better off after they meet us, than before they met us.”

He goes on to say, “Everyone has their own financial journey, so we think of ourselves as pathfinders; helping people navigate through their journeys, financially and emotionally. However, if you’re not taking the right kind of care of your clients, it’s just not going to hold together. You can’t scale without the right tools and your CRM really is the cornerstone of the right tools. Everything we do every day is for the client, and Practifi helps make sure we keep our promises.”

Watch Pathways’ growth story below to discover how Practifi is helping them streamline their client management, resulting in a better and more delightful client experience.

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