Practifi Mourvèdre Release Notes


We’re excited to bring you our latest product release, Practifi Mourvèdre.

Mourvèdre wines are meaty, full-bodied red wines that pack a punch. With just one sip your palate experiences an explosion of dark fruit, violet and black pepper flavors. While the grape is originally from Spain, Mourvèdre wines are cultivated in France’s Rhône Valley region along with the complementary pair Grenache and Syrah. A delightful blend, GSM wines combine the best qualities from all three full-bodied varietals to create a perfect orchestra of flavors. 

Similarly, Practifi Mourvèdre combines the best of new product features, improved user design and extended integrations capabilities to create a punchy and delightful experience.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, your Client Success Manager will be happy to help.

Practifi Mourvèdre Overview

Practifi Mourvedre introduces an improved product experience combining new and improved core features as well as enhanced integration capabilities. These improvements are made specifically as RIA industry solutions to help firms run and scale their businesses from anywhere.

Below are just a few of the new capabilities you can now enjoy as part of Practifi. You can view the detailed product release notes here.

Key Highlights

Unlock more ways to contact individuals in your network

Expand the way you get in touch with individuals in your network by adding more email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses using Contact Points. Seamlessly update their contact information using Contact Points and see it synced across Practifi.

Improve productivity with time and cost tracking for tasks

Easily log, edit and approve the time spent on specific tasks. Surface this data through reports to gain a better understanding of time spent per activity, as well as the cost per activity based on each advisor’s hourly cost.

Understand your client’s risk tolerance with Risk Profiles

Provide tailored, comprehensive advice by tracking your client’s risk profile in Practifi. Customize up to 15 questions, track responses and define risk bands through our new and easy to use Risk Profile questionnaire.

Sync eMoney client data and access financial plans within Practifi

Seamlessly add Practifi clients to eMoney, keep important data between the two systems in sync, and link eMoney financial plans to clients in Practifi. By linking eMoney financial plans, you can relate them to activities, report on them and view the plans alongside other important client information.

Other Product Enhancements

Easily remove household and organization members

Seamlessly remove individuals from their associated household or organization with a new action button on individual member pages. By doing this, you can treat them as a separate entity and send them on their own lifecycle path.

Enhance processes with Predecessor tasks

Ensure certain tasks get completed by setting them as Predecessors in a given process or task sequence. The next task won’t appear until the Predecessor(s) is completed, enhancing the power of your firm’s processes.

Centralize communication with the Process Feed

Monitor conversations related to a specific process by jumping into the Feed tab on the process record page. You can now find all internal conversations related to the process and its affiliated tasks all in one centralized location.

Expand your client knowledge with Policy Coverage

Deepen your understanding of your client’s insurance policies and coverage by adding their details in the Policy Coverage section of the client record. With this knowledge, you can provide more tailored, personalized advice.

Manage expiry dates of client docs with Reference Documents
Tracking the expiry dates of key client documents just got a lot easier. With Reference Documents on the client record page you can now easily manage critical client documents all in one location, ensuring the files are up to date.

Track Loss Reason for Lost Prospects and Clients
Gain deeper pipeline and churn insights with the new Loss Reason and Loss Reason Notification fields that are now part of the Mark as Lost Prospect/Lost Client actions.

Increase transparency for your Practifi Portal users

Increase transparency and build rapport with your Practifi Portal users by displaying their servicing team  members and relevant contact information.

Unlock more data capture opportunities

Enjoy expanded functionality and data capture opportunities across household, organization and individual records, instalments, services and tasks as a result of a data model extension.

Enjoy a better in-product experience

Practifi’s pop-up windows have received a little TLC. Enjoy a cleaner, more user-friendly design as you fly through your workday in Practifi.

Integration Enhancements

Addepar: Multi-currency support and enhanced performance

Addepar brings data, technology and people together to help investors make better, more informed decisions. In addition to our existing integration capabilities, you can now enjoy these features as part of our preferred partnership with Addepar:

  • Multi-currency support: Asset values and annualized revenues will now be adjusted to the reference currency as defined in Addepar
  • Improved performance: The process of syncing asset records when uploading large data sets of Addepar IDs has been optimized to increase speed and accuracy
Easily use wealthtech integrations with turn-key enablement
Our integrations with Schwab Advisor Center, Pershing, Envestnet MoneyGuide, Envestnet and Black Diamond just got a lot easier to use within Practifi thanks to our new dynamic, turn-key enablement process.

Want to learn more?

Your Client Success Manager is here to help. Let them know if you have any questions or would like to learn how to make the most of these product improvements.

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