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Empower Every Team in Your RIA Firm With Practifi’s Role-Based Apps

BY finn gilbert

In today’s wealth management industry, technology plays a crucial role in enabling firms to operate and scale effectively. However, it’s no secret that the adoption of core technology platforms is generally less than optimal. In order to achieve business goals, it’s important to ensure front and back-office team members feel empowered by the technology they use every day.

Practifi’s role-based apps help with this by unifying data and teams in one platform. This industry-specific design empowers teams to effortlessly access the information and tasks that are most relevant to their respective roles. By making it easier for teams to do their jobs and find client information, team members are more likely to use and adopt the technology. As usability increases, business efficiency and collaboration improve, resulting in a better experience for clients.

Read below to learn how Practifi’s role-based apps help empower teams to deliver exceptional client experiences. If you have any questions about how to access this new feature, get in touch with your Client Success Manager, or contact us today.

Bespoke apps for every team in your firm

Whether you’re rebalancing portfolios, meeting with clients, booking appointments or analyzing campaign performance, we understand that different teams need different information and capabilities. Working from one generic dashboard makes it difficult for your specialized teams to do their jobs efficiently, which is why we created role-based apps designed to empower each team within a wealth management firm. 

With unique dashboards, pages, charts, tiles and navigation items made specifically for each team, Practifi’s role-based apps provide a truly curated experience for each user. 

Practifi’s role-based apps work together seamlessly to provide a unified platform for financial firms. For example, the Advisor app allows financial advisors to access and manage client information, financial plans, and investment portfolios. Simultaneously, the Client Service app enables client service associates to view open tasks, start new processes and update advisors. In addition, the Management app provides managers and leaders with an overview of key business metrics such as total AUM, total clients and pipeline.

All of Practifi’s role-based apps are interconnected, allowing teams to collaborate on client matters while providing management with a top-down view of the firm’s performance. By giving teams a platform that not only unifies client data but is also made with their unique needs in mind, wealth management firms can empower their teams and improve technology adoption as a result. 

Empower teams with technology built for them

At the end of the day, every firm prioritizes the client experience, but when advisors and other teams don’t have the tools and support they need to do this, the client experience suffers. For example, when client data is siloed and located in multiple platforms, teams struggle to collaborate efficiently, let alone provide personalized services for their clients.

While Practifi’s role-based apps each have their own unique capabilities, they all aim to empower teams by surfacing relevant information for each user. This not only helps with the adoption of core platform technology but also improves business efficiency and internal collaboration, which translates to a better experience for clients.

“We believe that in order to give the client the best experience, it truly starts with our employees... We want our employees to feel both valued and empowered by listening to them and identifying tools that can make their job easier and more efficient.”
Sarah Ellis
Advisor Operations Manager, Morton Wealth

By uniting everyone into one platform, teams have greater visibility over the status of clients, more clarity in responsibilities and improved cross-functional collaboration. With bespoke apps for every role in wealth management firms, Practifi empowers teams to provide exceptional client experiences.

Interested in learning more? 

When it comes to CRM technology, everyone deserves an experience curated for their role. If you’re interested in learning more about how Practifi’s role-based apps could benefit your firm, contact us today.

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