Practifi Shiraz Release Notes

Syrah (or Shiraz as us Australians like to call it) is a type of red grape originally from France’s Rhône Valley region. Due to its popularity and versatility, it’s since been planted and harvested all around the world to create a wide variety of bold, varietal flavours derived from blackberry, black pepper, and vanilla accents.

Shiraz is a popular favourite here in Australia, and while it’s a perfect pairing with red meats, barbeque and dark chocolates, we find it easy and delightful to enjoy during any occasion. Likewise, our Shiraz release has a variety of product enhancements that will surely add some delightful improvements to your day-to-day. 

Practifi Shiraz will be deployed during the week of September 16, 2019.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, your Client Success Manager will be happy to help.

To learn more about these enhancements, you can see our Key Enhancements guide here.

Key Enhancements

For this release, we’ve chosen to focus our attention on three key features: Processes, Prospects and our mobile experience. Each of these features is a critical element of what makes Practifi work, so we’ve pushed ourselves as a team to examine each one closely and find ways to make it even better. 

Several new features have been added to our process automation engine to supercharge your business workflows and make it easier than ever to keep track of progress between process stages.

  • Ensure dependencies are met step-by-step with Predecessors: Process steps can now identify one or more predecessors; steps which will need to be completed before the step itself will be launched. Predecessor steps can additionally define a set of eligible outcomes if not all outcomes should lead to the next step.
  • Put your processes into context with the Progress Indicator: When viewing a process record, the stages of the process are now displayed in the header as a series of chevrons, making it easy to discover how far a process has progressed. The Progress Indicator is also visible on the Basics tab of any tasks related to the process, so that context is kept while navigating between process steps.
  • Use Process Type Stages to make your workflows fit for purpose: Every business process is different, and progression needs to be tracked in different ways. Practifi makes this possible by providing the ability to define separate Stages for each process in your practice.
  • Create new outcomes on the fly:  Inline creation of new outcomes for Process Steps makes setting up new processes a breeze.

We introduced Prospects in our Sangiovese Late Harvest release thanks to requests from the community, and after a round of feedback following that release we’ve delivered multiple enhancements that enable comprehensive data capture, sales management and performance analysis of revenue opportunities.

  • Enhanced Prospect 360 page completes the picture of your pipeline: Prospects now contain more information about potential value, key dates, estimates and likelihood, making it easy to plan for future revenue opportunities.
  • New At A Glance tiles put insight at your fingertips: See real-time summary information from the At A Glance page about new prospects created, potential AUM and revenue, and prospects that aren’t receiving the attention they deserve.
  • Use Pipeline Analytics to deep-dive into sales performance: New pages in the Analytics section provide segmentation by Stage, Estimated Close Date, Likelihood and more. Export your data as a spreadsheet to enable further analysis with other tools.
  • Alignment with existing business using Services: Pipeline-specific information about prospects is captured on a related Service record, which keeps analytics about new and existing business consistent.

You can now experience the power of Practifi on your mobile devices. We’ve taken the Salesforce app for iOS and Android and shaped it to make the most of our platform; this means it’s easier than ever to access client information, capture interactions, manage tasks and more while on the go. In this release, you’ll discover updates to app navigation, pages, layout and branding, meaning you can access the same client insights and industry expertise on mobile as you can from your desktop.

Additional Enhancements

Integration and ecosystem

We’ve improved upon several of our exisiting integrations, as well as added new capabilities to enhance the power of our ecosystem by adding a new option to supercharge your marketing initiatives.

  • New Zapier actions enable more automation possibilities: The addition of two new actions – Create Client and Create Primary Contact – mean that you can take advantage of the Zapier automation platform no matter which way you manage prospective clientsThese enhancements will be released on the Zapier platform in the coming weeks.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration: View the LinkedIn profile information of people or companies from their related Client or Person record, synchronise both with Sales Navigator, and view LinkedIn messages and InMail as Interactions.
  • Use Salesforce Campaigns* to provide richer insights from marketing integrations: For clients whose marketing automation platforms include a Salesforce integration that leverages Campaigns, Practifi can now activate this feature for you. Please contact your Client Success Manager if you wish to enable Campaigns.
  • Xplan OAuth support: Xplan integration users can now authenticate using OAuth. This enhancement makes data transfer between systems more secure, and allows Practifi to connect with Xplan sites that use two-factor authentication.
Product enhancements
  • Choose the best people for the job with Servicing Teams: This new section on the Client 360 page gives your firm the flexibility to allocate different team members to different clients and specify their roles. 

  • Access insights faster with Simplified Search: We’ve decluttered your search suggestions to only show you the records that matter: prospects, clients, client entities, people, providers, employers, team members, divisions and groups.

  • Link Assets & Liabilities with Income & Expenses: Get an even more detailed understanding of your clients’ financial position by associating cashflow with assets and liabilities. For example, a property asset can be linked with the corresponding expense record capturing mortgage repayments.

  • Service your new clients from the get-go: You now have the option to automatically launch and assign tasks on the creation of a new client, ensuring they are engaged in the best way, straight away.

  • Enhanced data set for People: The fields available on the Person Basics page have been expanded to include communication preferences, name details, and life stage information. 

  • Secondary Address Fields: Specify the type of address (i.e. Holiday Home, Ski Lodge, Poste Restante) via the description field.

  • Capture Holding information quickly for Managed Funds and Portfolios: When viewing one of these asset records in Practifi, holdings can now be added easily using our inline creation tool.

  • Ability to override calculated risk band on your clients Risk Analysis: You’ll have more flexibility to deal with clients that don’t fit the standard risk criteria, allowing you to apply a rating that more accurately depicts their position based on the information you obtain directly.

  • Better visibility over provider-client relationships: From Relationships page on the Provider record, you’ll be able to see which of your clients they are engaged with and in what capacity.

  • Keep up to date with birthdays and age milestones: Bulk launch processes, tasks or interactions across a range of birth dates or months. For example, a task can be automatically generated for your clients a week before their birthday arrives to contact them.

Changes to usability, layout and format

  • Filter your Workflow/Processes and Task pages’ by team member
  • Tasks on the Client and Prospect 360 pages are ordered by the most recent due date in descending order

  • Alignment issues on the At a Glance, Client Person Add and Client Person List pages have been fixed

  • Unnecessary fields have been removed from the Bulk Launch wizards

Bugs and other issues

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

  • The mood field of a phone call interaction cannot be removed once defined

  • When creating an interaction as a child record of another, the parent interaction is not populated in the Related Interaction field

  • Updating the first or last name of a prospect doesn’t update the Prospect Name

  • Batch At A Glance tiles are displaying the syndicates tile even when there are no syndicates under that batch

  • When adding a process from a member account or related to field it is not displaying the member account name

  • Adding a process from an employer is not populating the entity field with the employer

  • The click through button is not working in the Feed from the Person 360 page

  • Child interactions of a client interaction are not visible under client context

  • When adding a person to a household a relationship record is not being automatically created

  • Occupation class is not searchable for partner contact on the fact find page.

  • The Data Management task page is not displaying employers and providers for bulk employer/provider tasks/processes.

  • Nearest relative can be saved without entering the last name mandatory field.

  • The NLWY (Not Living with You) relationship direction is displaying the relationship the wrong way round, i.e. “From” the client instead of “To”.

  • Skuid Update: Skuid has not been upgraded for this release.

Have any questions?

Ask your Client Success Manager to learn more about these product updates and how you can make the most of these improvements.

*Salesforce Campaigns can be enabled for an additional cost.
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