3 Key Benefits of Using Practifi for Outlook

By Chloe Howard

With over 306 billion emails sent and received each day, it’s no surprise that email is one of the most prominent channels for business communication. For wealth management firms, it’s more important than ever to ensure your firm’s email platform works in sync with other critical business systems.

Practifi’s integration with Microsoft Outlook is designed to help advisory teams easily access important client data, log email interactions and assign tasks directly within their Outlook inbox. With our integration, your firm can improve operational efficiency, simplify compliance and focus on building better relationships with clients.

1. Improve operational efficiency by accessing Practifi data within Outlook

In today’s digital age, there are a number of technology tools and solutions to help financial advisors be more efficient and productive. However, when these software systems don’t speak to one another, advisors must continuously toggle between platforms to gather information to service clients effectively. As a result, business efficiency stalls and client relationships suffer.

Leverage advanced filtering options to quickly view past and upcoming activities in detail, such as email communications, client meetings, tasks and events. 

Our integration with Outlook allows for a seamless exchange of data between the two platforms, helping advisors work more effectively from within their inbox while keeping important client data up to date. Through a unified view, advisors can easily access client records, activity overviews and facilitate task creation directly within Outlook. And, with advanced filtering options, teams can quickly surface the information they need without having to switch between multiple platforms – helping them save valuable time and improve overall operational efficiency.

Quickly assign follow-up tasks like meetings requests, policy updates, form uploads and more.  

2. Simplify compliance by easily tracking client communications

For financial advisory firms, providing a history trail of all client communication and activities is critical for mitigating compliance risks. However, many advisors often fail to log client interactions, placing their firm in a highly vulnerable position should regulatory agencies come knocking.

Effortlessly log client interactions and meetings against the Practifi client record directly within Outlook.

To ensure your firm abides by industry-specific regulations and is protected against erroneous claims, it is crucial to provide your teams with a quick and easy method to track client interactions. Our Microsoft Outlook integration helps simplify compliance by making it easy for advisors to log emails and meetings against the client record in Practifi. By doing so, the client activity history is timestamped and updated with interaction type, duration, and email body text if relevant for compliance purposes.

3. Build better relationships with access to real-time client data

One of the most prominent challenges many financial advisors face is having limited access to accurate, up-to-date and real-time information when communicating with their clients. Without a holistic view of their financial goals, it can be challenging to provide retail investors with relevant, personalized and timely answers. And for modern advisory firms, delivering more personal, data-driven interactions is now critical to remain competitive in a changing market.

With access to client records, advisors can craft more personalized email communications and build better relationships with prospective and existing clients.

With our integration, advisors can leverage Practifi data directly in Outlook to deliver useful and personalized email communications. Quickly surface important information like contact details, AUM, related services, open processes, additional information and more. And, when logging an email or creating a task, data is automatically synced to Practifi so advisors spend less time manually sharing data across platforms and more time working with clients.

Email plays a vital role in both nurturing prospects and maintaining relationships with clients. Whether answering inquiries or reviewing financial goals, our integration with Outlook helps advisory teams provide more accurate, tailored advice.

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Effective email communication remains a core element of delivering a high level of financial advice. With our integration with Microsoft Outlook, your firm can drive greater operational efficiency, simplify compliance and build better relationships with clients. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our platform integrations, visit our integrations page. Alternatively, reach out to a member of our team for a demo today.

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