Practifi and Riva partnership grows to serve North American financial advice firms

Since 2017, Riva and Practifi have partnered and worked together to exceed the needs of the financial services industry with our unique best-of-breed partnership.

Practifi was born in 2013 from a marriage of wealth industry knowledge and software expertise that identified a significant gap within the financial services industry. Having created the ability to deliver advanced workflow enhancements, unlimited integration capabilities, and exceed security requirements for financial services, Practifi has seen continued growth from its original base in Australia and New Zealand to Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and most recently, into North America.

In 2018, Practifi opened its first North American office in Chicago to better serve their ever-growing North American clients who need more than the standard out of the box CRM offering to meet their needs.

Financial services customers rely heavily on Salesforce and Outlook calendaring integration for appointments and meetings. They also rely on email integration to track Outlook emails in Salesforce. Both of these components contribute to implementing KPIs and reports that drive performance-based success and bonuses. One of Practifi and Riva’s strengths is their unique combined ability to satisfy the most stringent security and compliance regulations under which financial services must be delivered. Filling financial services’ granular CRM and email/calendaring integration, data security, privacy, and compliance requirements represent key gaps that cannot be filled by your typical default CRM integration and implementation options.

“Riva is pleased to partner with Practifi. Financial services customers represent our key customer focus, so this partnership makes sense. Riva and Practifi focus on improving and satisfying financial services customers’ advanced CRM implementation and integration requirements. Riva enhances Practifi’s services by providing secure, transparent, and scalable integration that gives users a true 360-degree real-time view of their clients – and the relevant customer intelligence they need to provide the best customer experience.”
Aldo Zanoni
Riva, CEO

Riva helps Practifi customers meet their advanced privacy, scalability, security, and compliance requirements for all default Salesforce objects and any custom objects, fields, and business processes. Practifi and their customers count on Riva to deliver advanced, automated, intelligence-embedded calendar sync, optional automatic email sync, and unique delegate tracking options. Newly introduced features that include Outlook conversation tracking in Salesforce and real-time calendar and contact data-sync control bring new options to continue to improve customer relevancy, value, and success. Practifi’s customers count on Riva and Practifi to get it right the first time and every time!

Bartley Financial, a Riva and Practifi customer, is ecstatic with the ability to synchronize things like their calendar appointments and emails between their CRM and email system of choice.

“We love it!!! They were able to customize to our needs even relating old emails. We are very exacting and they met all of our needs. I said twice in the office last week, they could literally be the best support we have ever had. “Rockstars! – both in the intro, implementation, and ongoing. We couldn’t be happier!”
Robert Bartley, CPA, CFP
Bartley Financial Services

Adrian Johnstone CCO of Practifi shares his excitement about the growing partnership.

“We are thrilled to be expanding Practifi into North America. We are executing on our original long-term goals by bringing the best possible solutions to the global financial services market. By integrating Riva into our core Practifi solution, we are able to provide unequaled value and competitive advantage to RIAs, broker dealers and family offices across North America. We continue to build strategic relationships with our customers and their advisors. Our product is 100% focused on meeting their specific needs. Riva fits in perfectly with how we help our customers achieve success.”
Adrian Johnstone
Practifi, CCO
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