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4 Ways to Improve Member Servicing with Practifi for Superannuation

By Allison Lasley

As a superannuation administrator, ensuring superfund members receive a data-driven and personalised level of service is crucial to staying competitive. However, with so many members and funds to manage, it can be difficult for servicing staff to find the information they need. Despite the rise of self-service technology, members and prospects still want the option to speak with a real person. Research shows that customers expect a high-quality, seamless experience every time, but without the right technology in place, it can be very challenging for super administrators to deliver this level of service.

Business management platforms like Practifi are built with the complex needs of superannuation administrators in mind. With data-rich dashboards, seamless task management, unified member views and personalised email templates, Practifi enables administrative staff to deliver an efficient and elevated customer experience. Here are 4 ways Practifi helps improve member servicing efficiency.

1. Gain insights and take action quickly

While most CRMs provide standard dashboards with untimely and irrelevant information, Practifi ensures every user has access to the insights and data they need to do their job efficiently. Whether staff work in a call centre, member services, claims, complaints, employer relations, or management, every Practifi user has a personalised dashboard bespoke to their role.

The Call Centre home dashboard provides information relevant to each user

For example, as a call centre representative, tiles display numbers of calls handled, open and overdue tasks, upcoming callbacks, and open referrals so staff can log in every day and have a snapshot overview of their important work. Charts help bring data to life through visualisation, making it easy to see how many outbound and inbound calls they’ve taken per day and the time spent on each. In addition, seamless integration with softphone provider Genesys Cloud enables multitasking and productivity.

2. Navigate task queues seamlessly

With thousands of members in a given fund, tasks can build up quickly. If the right systems aren’t in place, simple task delegation and management can slow response times considerably. As a result, member satisfaction drops and funds suffer the consequences.

Task queues in the Member Servicing app simplify task management at scale

Practifi’s task queues simplify the delegation and management of tasks at scale, resulting in higher team satisfaction and better outcomes for members. For example, when a call centre consultant creates a follow-up task to call a member about their investment allocations, the member servicing team will immediately see the task appear in their queue. Then, the next available team member can act on it quickly. As a result, members receive a fast response and a high-quality, seamless experience.

3. Enjoy unified member views

When member information is siloed across separate platforms, call centre and servicing teams struggle to find the information they need in a timely manner. Research shows 66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. In the case of call centre and servicing teams, if they can’t easily find current and historical member data, they can’t deliver a high-quality and personalised service.

Data-rich member views help servicing teams find information quickly

Practifi provides data-rich member overviews by unifying data from multiple registry systems such as SuperB and Calibre. As a result, servicing teams can easily locate a member’s employer, employment status and active benefits. In addition, each member record shows active processes, open tasks, recent calls and email activity history to help servicing team members get up-to-speed on member activity quickly.

4. Personalise communications

With so many tasks and member requests to follow up on each day, it can be difficult for servicing teams to provide efficient and personal communication. Writing emails that meet employer fund etiquette and tone of voice is challenging, and searching for member email communication history is time-consuming.

Email templates enable personalised and efficient communication

Email templates in Practifi help servicing teams communicate with members efficiently. With the ability to create and select branded and prefilled templates, servicing teams can send personalised emails every time. In addition, by sending emails directly within Practifi, each email is automatically saved against the member record making it easier for team members to view member communication history.

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To remain competitive and scale sustainably, superfunds need new ways to efficiently manage member relationships and create unique value. By using best-in-class technology, superannuation administrators and servicing teams can help superannuations achieve their goals and improve retirement prospects for millions of Australians.

To learn how Practifi can help you improve superfund administration, reach out to a member of our team today.

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