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Microsoft 365

productivity & business management

Practifi’s API-based Microsoft 365 integration saves advisors valuable time, simplifies data capture and helps managers gain insights into team productivity.

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Unify Microsoft 365 and Practifi

Increase advisor efficiency

Increase advisor efficiency by automatically syncing email and event data from Outlook to Practifi.

Reduce compliance risk

Simplify data capture by automatically matching data to the corresponding record in Practifi.

Track team productivity

Gain insights into team productivity by reporting on Outlook email and event data in Practifi.

Match email & calendar data automatically 

Automatically sync emails and events from Outlook to Practifi. Save advisors’ valuable time from having to manually log emails and switch between calendars. 

Simplify data capture 

Simplify Outlook data capture with the Microsoft 365 Sync. Automatically match emails and events, including attachments, to the corresponding record in Practifi to ease the compliance process.

Gain insight into advisor usage and productivity

Leverage email and event data synced with Practifi to gain insights into team productivity. Use pre-built enterprise reports or build your own to track completed tasks, meetings by advisor and more.

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