Practifi Sangiovese Release Notes

Sangiovese is a red Italian wine grape variety that derives its name from the latin for Blood of Jupiter the Roman king of the gods. Sangiovese is the base grape for a number of popular Italian wines such as Chianti and the wines are usually lightly colored with high acid, light body and moderate to high tannin. Sangiovese wines offer a wide range of tastes from very earthy and rustic to round and fruit-forward.

A savory Sangiovese pairs well with herbs and tomatoes whereas a Sangiovese with high tannins will work perfectly with rich roasted meat, cured sausages and hard cheeses.

The Sangiovese grape is a bit of a chameleon with many different varieties resulting in very different tasting wines. Likewise our Sangiovese release has a bit of something for everyone.

Practifi Sangiovese will be deployed starting from 30 April 2019.

Key Enhancements

We’re continuing to deliver on our goal to be the most well-connected business management platform in the industry. With this release we welcome integrations with Iress Xplan, Transact and Hubspot, allowing our growing international user base to unlock new capabilities and grow business efficiency.

  • Xplan: Ensure your advice is based on your client’s latest financial information and achieve unparalleled efficiency through our two-way integration. By sharing data regarding clients and the full spectrum of their financial information, you can be confident that your business management and financial planning platforms provide are up-to-date.
  • Transact: We’re bringing the Practifi experience to new shores with the release of our first UK-specific feature, integration with the Transact wrap service. Link a client’s portfolios between systems, allowing you to view timely investment data within Practifi’s comprehensive client record.
  • HubSpot: Bring your marketing automation and business management information closer together. Our integration provides two-way sync for Client & Person records, adds timeline events from HubSpot to your client interactions, and lets you access HubSpot directly through a panel found on the client record.

We know it’s important to capture all of your most important interactions so we’re making your complete detailed record keeping faster and easier. Next time you host a meeting with several attendees and need to record your meeting or phone call interaction against team members, household or client personas or even employers or providers, now you can easily do so in one interaction. 

Ensuring you can always access the most important client information, when you need it most, now each section of the Client 360 page has a list button to navigate directly to the related list page to see all the relevant records. Each section also now has an add (+) button to be able to add a record directly from the 360 page. 

Additional Enhancements

Integration Enhancements

We’ve improved upon several of our exisiting integrations, as well as added new capabilities to offer a better integration experience.

  • Black Diamond: Assets are now automatically included in asset balance summary calculations.
  • Orion: We have a few improvements such as:
      • Account Names are now visible when viewing a client’s list of Assets

      • Filter Orion Households from the Data Management page, making it easier to identify and link them

      • Reorganised the Asset layout to provide richer information and improve readability

  • Midwinter: Investment Assets sourced from Midwinter are now read-only in Practifi to avoid overwriting.

  • Integration logs: Troubleshoot your integration issues from the Logs page in Data Management.

Address Autocomplete Extended

We have extended the address search and autocomplete function to Contacts, Providers, Employers and Influencers. Address Autocomplete has also been added to the Wizards for Create a Client, Create an Employer, and Create Member Account. Searching for domestic and international addresses uses the power of the Google Maps API.

Instalments added to Syndicate Deal
A menu item has been added for Instalments on Syndicate Deal enabling you to record details of fees charged or fees received in relation to the Syndicate Deal.

Specify whether an Insurance Policy is held within Super
A checkbox titled “Inside Super?” has been added to specify whether an Insurance Policy or related Benefit is being held inside a Superannuation Fund. The checkbox will not appear on Trauma benefits as they cannot be held in Super.

Added ‘Related To’ to Bulk Tasks for Users

This allows bulk tasks for multiple users to be assigned to a selected Client, Client Entity, Employer or Prospect record.

Minor Layout and Formatting changes

Various tweaks, adjustments and fixes including:

  • Removed Chart Type dropdown from Analytics where there was only one type of chart.
  • Fixed some field alignment issues with Organization Person.
  • Amended “Saving” text so it does not continue to display after showing an error message.
  • Added vertical Scroll Bar to Settings / Feed Templates and Goals table.
  • Added horizontal Scroll Bar to Advice Service list.
  • Corrected spelling on Interaction Validation message.
  • Removed Conga Parameters field on Tasks if Conga is not enabled.
  • Swapped positions of filters on Influencers page to make consistent with table columns.
  • Amended the Back action on the Advice Service page to return to the previous context.
  • Hidden the Financials section on Advice Services View where there are no Financials to be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where Feed Posts with attachments did not trigger a Notification.

  • Resolved an issue where Feed under teammember context would not load if the Parent record contained double quotes.

  • Fixed field validation on Rich Text Areas where you could not save records with required Rich Text field.

  • Refactored the Product Analytic pages to improve performance and reduce incidence of Heap Size Limit errors.

  • Refactored Contact Name and Omnilife url formula fields so that they can be used with Salesforce’s Shield functionality.
  • Resolved an issue where Descriptions from Process Types were not being copied to the Applied Process.

  • Cleanup of task basics data models and snippets to optimise page load performance.

  • Fixed an issue where you had to click Cancel multiple times to exit the creation of a new Team Member.

  • Resolved an issue where the page title displayed existing Task / Interaction when creating a new Task / Interaction.

  • Fixed a problem where Interaction Type would not always display when changing Method.

  • Fixed an issue where opening a Team Member’s Calendar would default to the last date viewed rather than Today’s date.

  • Fixed a problem where you could not clone a Process Type if the Owner of the source Process Type was inactive. New Owner will be the logged in User.

  • Fixed an issue on creation of a new Process where Owner would not populate in certain circumstances when switching between Process Types.

  • Fixed an issue where Related To was not populating when starting a Process from an Advice Service.

  • Fixed an issue with local Search in Influencers page.

  • Fixed an issue where adding a task from Task Template would not assign the Task Group.

  • Resolved a problem with setting of dates for annual Recurring Tasks if the initial date had not yet passed.

  • Fixed a number of issues relating to Processes created from Launcher including: ID displayed instead of name; Owner field not displaying; Related To field not populating; incorrect Owner short name being displayed.

  • Fixed an issue where Cancel did not work if an incorrect Practice name was entered.

  • Resolved a problem on adding a Member Account where not entering a Stage would cause the page to unexpectedly close.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking Edit for a Syndicate record would navigate to the Add Syndicate page.

  • Fixed a minor issue where Name or Date of Birth could not be modified from Data Management.

  • Fixed issues with two or more Scheduled Rollups from different child objects to same parents with same lookup field name and same relationship criteria.

  • Removed FDS and Opt-In from US/UK client basics view as they are not relevant for them.

  • Fixed a navigation issue where clicking a Client Entity or Employer hyperlink in Data Management Tasks would open the record in Client context.

  • Updated “Dependant” spelling for US Clients to “Dependent”.

  • Fixed a bug on At a Glance Task tiles click through where it was not passing correct conditions/filters.

  • Skuid Update: Skuid has not been upgraded for this release.

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