Practifi Sangiovese Late Harvest Release Notes

We’re excited to share with you our Practifi Sangiovese Late Harvest release!

We’ve been busy working away on enhancements and fixes, as well as improvements to our integrations ecosystem to better connect with the best partners in the industry.

Late harvest wines are made from grapes left on the vine a little longer than the norm, concentrating the sugar and creating a sweeter wine. Likewise, the Practifi Sangiovese Late Harvest includes some sweet enhancements that we think are very tasty indeed.

Practifi Sangiovese Late Harvest will be deployed starting from July 5th 2019.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, your Client Success Manager will be happy to help.

Key Enhancements

In our first release of the Practifi API, we have taken the strong technical foundations of the Salesforce API and crafted them into an industry specific API that reflects the needs of financial advice and the richness of Practifi’s data model. Based on the Swagger/Open API standard for RESTful interfaces, the Practifi API will make it much easier and faster for our clients and partners to integrate with Practifi.

  • As a taster of the Practifi API, we’ve created a Zapier action that uses the API to create a prospect from your Zapier-linked web form or any other available Zapier trigger.
  • To access the Practifi API, you can find it under the Resources tab on our website. Alternatively, you can also view it here:

We’ve enhanced our integration by expanding the shared data set to include Superannuation, Insurance Policies (one-way XPLAN to Practifi) and Goals (two-way), making your Practifi client record even more comprehensive.

We have introduced a new organization type, Prospect, which includes a Create Prospect wizard, the ability to promote from prospect to client, a new Prospect 360 view, new list views and a new data management page. These enhancements will give you a clearer experience in separating prospects from clients and allow you to manage pipeline more easily.

Additional Enhancements

Tags Enhancements and Extensions

We have extended Tagging features to Employers, People and Providers. Also, now you can launch bulk processes, bulk tasks, and bulk interactions for clients, employers, providers, and people with particular tag(s).

Relative Task Assignment for Task Templates

We have enabled relative task assignment for  task templates. You can now allocate task ownership for task templates in the same way as process steps under a process type. This is available for individual tasks using a task template, recurring tasks for a client and the bulk task wizard.

Minor Layout and Formatting changes

Various enhancements, tweaks, adjustments and fixes including:

  • Removed Chart Type dropdown from Analytics where there was only one type of chart.
  • Surfaced External Id field for Providers.

  • Surfaced the task creator on task view and list pages.

  • Updated Contact formula fields to allow deterministic encryption on contact name.

  • Extended the numeric length of the AUM field for Clients and Prospects.

  • Removed GMail link from email fields to avoid conflicts for users using other email servers such as Outlook.

  • Region specific spelling for ‘Colour’ in team member calendar. In the US and Canada it will display Color.

  • Enabled General Insurance Type and Medical Insurance cover fields on Insurance so that it is not necessary to create benefit records to store this information.

  • Fixed an issue where insured people were not available on benefit edit page.
  • Fixed the ‘at a glance’ tile for tasks due in the next 5 days to include today.
  • Resolved an issue where goals and recommendations table template fields were giving empty popups.
  • Fixed an issue where user could complete a process without completing underlying tasks.
  • Resolved an issue where entity multi select filter was broken on task list.
  • Changed Create Employer Wizard and Add Employer Pages to make consistent field labels .
  • Resolved an issue where the page title displayed existing Task / Interaction when creating a new Task / Interaction.
  • Fixed a problem where recommendations stage and strategy sorting were not functional.
  • Fixed an Internet Explorer issue where icons were slightly cut off for Task list page.
  • Fixed an issue where user could not get rid of tasks in step 3 of Create Client Wizard.
  • Fixed an issue where creating Task/Interaction from advice service view was not relating to the advice service in context.
  • Fixed an issue in Interactions where the Until Date was not changing when the meeting start date was changed
  • Skuid Update: Skuid has not been upgraded for this release. 

Got questions?

Your Client Success Manager is here to help. Let them know if you have any questions or would like to learn how to make the most of these product improvements.

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