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It’s been a busy year for us here at Practifi. Amidst the global pandemic and helping our clients adjust to remote working conditions, we’ve been hard at work to bring our users a new product appearance and improved overall experience to help firms run and scale their businesses from anywhere.

So without further ado, we’re happy to share with you our latest release overview, Practifi Gamay.

Light-bodied and full of floral aromas, Gamay wines are the epitome of a 360 degree transformation. Plucked from the vine as extremely acidic purple grapes, the wine is carefully treated and transformed into a fresh, juicy and extremely delightful tasting experience.With hints of raspberry, cherry and black pepper, Gamay wines are extremely versatile and are best paired with charcuterie, white meats, and salmon plates. Similarly, this release is full of enticing flavors and features that are begging to be enjoyed.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, your Client Success Manager will be happy to help.

Practifi Gamay Overview

Practifi Gamay introduces a new product appearance and improved experience for users. The foundation of this release combines the power of Salesforce’s Lightning platform with both new and existing Practifi features made specifically as RIA industry solutions to help firms run and scale their business from anywhere.

Below are just a few of the key enhancements you can now enjoy as part of Practifi.

You can view the detailed product release notes here.

Key Enhancements

New role-based apps curated for different teams

Advisor, Client Service, Marketing and Management teams each have their own curated app with a unique homepage and role-based menu items. With record visibility settings, teams can easily focus on the work that’s most important to them. Additional custom apps can also be created for other teams. Learn more about these exciting new role-based apps.

Reimagined homepage with role-specific insights

Each app provides a reimagined homepage experience so you can log in and instantly gain insights specific to your role. The Agenda tab lists upcoming events and tasks due that day, and the News tab features a live feed of industry related news. Expandable record tables have been added to the snapshot tiles and analytic charts so you can drill into relevant data and take action without leaving your homepage, and new collapsible rows enable you to tidy up your homepage by hiding tiles and charts as you please. Learn more about the homepage and all of its capabilities.

New Directory to hold all of your corporate memory in one place

The Directory is where you can find anyone and everyone listed in Practifi. From casual acquaintances and partner contacts to hot prospects and blue-chip clients, you can easily find them in the Directory.

Send stunning emails directly from Practifi

Send rich text emails to contacts with predefined templates, email signatures and personalized fields directly within Practifi. Emails can also be routed through your firm’s Office 365 or G-Suite instance to guarantee deliverability and compliance.

Pre-built workflows to increase consistency and efficiency

Practifi’s enterprise workflow engine just got even better. Ten pre-built best practice workflows are now available to streamline team collaboration and speed up operations. Enjoy access to essential workflows such as discovery meetings, account openings, money move requests, annual client reviews and more.

Other Product Enhancements

Set the stage with key entity records

Practifi makes it easy to organize your data with entity records. All contacts exist as one of the three key entities: an individual, a household or an organization. This structure makes up the foundation of how all records are stored in Practifi. Learn more about individual, household and organization records.

Create new records on the fly with Global Actions

Easily create new households, organizations and individuals, as well as tasks, events, logged calls, emails and notes with Practifi’s Global Actions. This feature is docked at the top of your screen, so you can spin up new records and activities no matter where you are in Practifi. Learn more about household and organization members.

Navigate seamlessly with the record side pane and tabs

Practifi’s workspace tabs make switching between multiple records quick and convenient. Pin, rearrange and rename tabs to personalize your workspace or favorite them so you can quickly access them in your favorites menu. View notes, files, and team members related to the associated individual, household or organization in the record side pane. Learn more about navigating records and tabs.

Easily segment records with Topics and Definitions

Definitions provide a structured way to identify prospects and clients in Practifi, whereas Topics allow you flexibility in creating unique group identifiers. Set up topic categories to easily identify households interested in wine, individuals who are interested in golf, and more. Learn more about segmenting with Topics and Definitions.

Seamlessly manage changing relationships with Definition Actions
Depending on the Definition applied to a record, you’ll not only see dynamic options made available in the Definitions Menu such as “Promote to Prospect” or “Promote to Client”, but you will also see different navigation sections such as “Platinum Client” or “Critical Influencer”. These options help you seamlessly navigate the changing relationships you have with individuals, households and organizations in your firm. Learn more about changing relationships with Definition Actions.
Switch between record collections with the table viewer menu
Available on pages like Directory, Clients and Pipeline, the table viewer menu allows you to easily switch between different collections of records such as “My Clients”, “My Division’s Clients”, “All Clients”, etc., so you can see the view most relevant to you.

View recent and historical interactions with the new Activity Timeline

The new Activity Timeline lives on individual, household and organization records and lists all calls, events and tasks related to that record. Displayed in chronological order, it helps you stay on top of both recent and historical activities.

Manage your daily appointments with the Calendar

Use the Calendar to keep your day organized and stay across what’s happening with your colleagues. Never miss an upcoming appointment with today’s agenda front and center on your homepage.

Store and access important information with Notes and Files

Notes let you capture rich, free-form content and relate it to specific records giving you the freedom to store and easily access important record information. Files from native Salesforce apps Egnyte and Dropbox are easily accessible and files from external data sources such as Box, G-Suite or Office 365 can also be linked directly to records within Practifi. By adding notes or files to records they will be automatically linked to that record’s related household, organization or individual as well, bringing a wide network of related information and content into one place.

Gain full visibility over important discussions through Chatter

The Chatter page provides a single location for all conversations or feed-related activity going on in your firm. Whether it’s posts made on records you’re involved with, directed to the company generally, or kept within a close group of team members, Chatter provides full visibility over these important discussions.

Improve team collaboration with Chatter groups

New Chatter group capabilities allow you to create groups of users where you can easily share posts, files, records and other content with other members of the group. Servicing teams can stay up to date with client updates, marketing teams can share campaign results, and staff who share common hobbies can all have their own private groups to communicate.

Customize your analytics with new report and dashboard builders

Drag and drop your way to comprehensive business intelligence and analytics with new customizable report and dashboard builders. Individual permission sets provide an additional layer of control to ensure your analytics are closely managed.

Quickly find what you’re looking for with the full search results page

The global search bar boasts a new full results page to help you find what you’re looking for within Practifi. Completing the search opens a complete list of results relevant to your search query in a new workspace tab so you can filter, refine and keep the results for future reference.

Easily manage duplicate data with proactive notifications

Identify data redundancies with duplicate management notifications. These proactive notifications tell you if the record you have open is similar to others in the system, making it easier than ever keep your Practifi data clean.

Want to learn more?

Your Client Success Manager is here to help. Let them know if you have any questions or would like to learn how to make the most of these product improvements.

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