Practifi and Nod partner to make scaled advice easier for financial advisers

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, JUNE 29, 2018: Practifi, the business management platform for financial advice, today announced an integration with Nod, an artificial intelligence platform for creating Statements of Advice in real-time.

As part of this integration partnership, the providers are developing an integration that will allow advisers to seamlessly retrieve client data from Practifi to publish in a new Statement of Advice. If any client data is amended in Nod while creating the Statement of Advice, these amendments will synchronise in Practifi, removing the double handling of data entry between the two systems.

This will not only unify the client record for the adviser, improving efficiency and the quality of service, but it will also vastly reduce the time it takes to produce a complete Statement of Advice reducing the time and cost to produce these important documents.

“Partnering with Nod delivers on our commitment to innovation, giving advisers the ability to use artificial intelligence to deliver scaled advice, bringing huge efficiency gains,” said Glenn Elliott, CEO, Practifi

The integration between Practifi and Nod will also ensure that Statements of Advice are captured on the client record, providing an audit trail of client events.

With Nod’s real-time Statement of Advice generation, advisers can create personalised, compliant Statements of Advice with minimal effort, allowing them to reduce their costs and increase the amount of time they spend with clients.
Joel Robbie
Nod, CEO

About Practifi

Driven by a passion for customer experience and best-in-breed solutions, Practifi is a cloud-based business management platform that boosts the growth, profitability and efficiency of wealth management companies with a focus on customer service. From pipeline and productivity management to rich analytics, its innovative suite of features allows financial advice and management firms to integrate and automate their processes while maximising revenue and strengthening customer relationships.

About Nod

Nod is a natural language artificial intelligence platform helping businesses in the financial advice and accounting industries to transform how they serve clients. Our software platform makes it easy for clients to connect with their advisers from wherever they are, and produces compliant documents for financial advisers and accountants in real-time to help them get the advice to their client as efficiently as possible, delighting them along the way.

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