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Holistic CRM Technology Facilitates Organic Client Growth

BY finn gilbert

As RIAs adapt to the evolving landscape of wealth management, they increasingly recognize the effectiveness and sustainability of organic strategies. Recent trends highlight a 50% investment reduction in business development, particularly regarding inorganic growth strategies. However, it’s important to note that this shift isn’t necessarily a complete departure from conventional methods but rather reflects the ebb and flow of business development spending. Having solid organic growth tactics in place sets firms up for long-term success, which is why they’re increasingly important. In the Independent Advisor Outlook Study conducted by Charles Schwab, 90% of RIAs expect organic growth to have a greater impact than inorganic growth. With this in mind, RIAs are turning to alternative ways to facilitate organic client growth.

With the constant challenge of acquiring new clients, RIAs are acknowledging the critical role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems in growing their business organically.   CRMs enable RIAs to track every client interaction, predict behavior and send personalized messages. By leveraging the right CRM, advisory teams can cultivate trusted connections, create targeted marketing campaigns and engage prospects proactively – all important for sustained organic growth.

Cultivating Growth Through Trusted Connectections

Client referrals serve as an invaluable channel for RIAs striving for organic growth. According to a study by Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know, highlighting the significant impact it has on consumer behavior. When it comes to referrals, many RIAs find it challenging to effectively manage and leverage their extensive networks, potentially missing out on valuable referral opportunities. These missed opportunities not only hinder immediate growth but also impede the long-term sustainability of the RIA’s client base and business success.

Understanding the ins and outs of client networks and referrals is key for RIAs to unlock the full potential of their connections and drive meaningful growth in their client base. CRMs provide essential tools for advisors to map out client relationships visually, identify important influencers, and recognize referral opportunities. For example, Practifi helps advisors harness the power of their networks by making it easier to track important influencers and identify referral opportunities. By tracking referrals and their impact, advisors gain insights into influential clients and partners, enhancing transparency and strengthening referral partnerships.

Crafting Growth With Targeted Marketing Strategies

Today, RIAs struggle with creating marketing campaigns that truly connect with clients and prospects. As customer expectations shift towards more personalized interactions, customized marketing strategies become increasingly crucial. However, the challenge lies in the fact that siloed data often hinders marketing teams from accessing the insights necessary to craft targeted campaigns. According to recent studies, firms that are intentional with their targeting see 35% greater annual client growth than firms that don’t intentionally target clients. Furthermore, firms that conduct regular research and understand their target audience grow up to 70% faster and are almost 50% more profitable. Despite these statistics, many RIAs underestimate the power of their client data in driving organic growth.

CRMs have emerged as a crucial tool, particularly for unifying the data needed to create more targeted marketing strategies. RIAs rely on comprehensive solutions that empower firms to implement data-driven approaches effectively. This is where holistic CRM technology, like Practifi, comes in. Practifi helps marketing teams gain access to the tools they need to build segmented lists, foster connections, and monitor campaign effectiveness across the customer lifecycle. With Practifi, marketing professionals can craft, execute, and evaluate data-driven campaigns tailored to the specific needs of clients and prospects, ultimately enriching client relationships and fostering long-term business success.

Mastering Prospect Management for Organic Growth

Effective prospect management is essential for driving organic growth in RIAs. Firms that do it well not only identify potential clients quickly but also do a better job of nurturing relationships toward successful conversions. This proactive approach enhances conversion rates and strengthens efforts to acquire new clients, laying the foundation for organic growth. According to HubSpot, businesses that nurture leads experience a 45% higher conversion rate.  Many advisors understand the importance of proactive prospect management. However, they struggle with fragmented data, inefficient processes and limited insights into prospect behavior

To overcome these challenges, RIAs require CRM solutions that seamlessly integrate prospect and client opportunity management with their growth objectives. Many CRMs fall short in meeting the unique needs of RIA opportunity management. However, tools like Practifi’s Pipeline and Deals feature streamline the tracking of potential new business and add-on services, offering insights into growth possibilities. With these tools, firms can elevate their prospect and client opportunity management, seize opportunities, and foster sustainable organic growth.

Empowering Organic Growth in Modern RIAs

The wealth management industry is experiencing a notable shift as RIAs prioritize organic client growth. With reduced investment in inorganic growth, the emphasis is now on cultivating organic methods that expand client bases through innovative strategies. Leveraging advanced CRM solutions, RIAs are well-positioned to navigate challenges and achieve sustainable client growth in today’s dynamic landscape.

Practifi provides tailored solutions to meet these evolving needs. From understanding client preferences to building referral partnerships, Practifi empowers advisors to foster organic growth. With Practifi, RIAs can expand their client base with confidence.

Discover how Practifi can help your firm drive client growth. Get in touch with us or request a demo today to unlock the full potential of Practifi.

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