• PractiFi runs your financial services business

    A beautifully designed platform for successful financial services business management

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Financial advice, super & pensions, insurance, investments, lending.


PractiFI runs your financial services business

You can’t grow a financial services business with just point solutions. PractiFI runs the show across all your divisions, giving you the visibility and control you need to scale.

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PractiFI is the financial services technology platform

PractiFI’s the hub that pulls together all your disparate systems, putting the customer at the heart of everything. Painless integration across CRM, registry, policy administration, telephony and more.

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PractiFI reshapes Salesforce for financial services

PractiFI harnesses the immense power of Salesforce. Strength and flexibility wrapped in a beautiful user experience that your staff will love.

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Powerful Integration

Our open, standards-based design makes for powerful integration. PractiFI leverages Salesforce’s rich APIs for easy connectivity to in‑house or third‑party systems.

Properly cloud

PractiFI lives on the Salesforce platform because its the best cloud around. High performing, massively scalable and secure, it simply works.

Seamless Updates

Never get stuck on an outdated version again. PractiFI seamlessly pushes at least three major updates a year that won’t break your customisations.

Service & Support

From early-stage planning, through implementation project services, custom configuration, change management, transition and ongoing support, we’re with you all the way.

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