Feature Spotlight: Task & Interaction Full Views

April 3, 2020

BY Allison lasley

Due to popular demand, we introduced Full View capabilities with our latest Practifi Chardonnay release. To improve visibility and productivity, you can now select desired task and interaction information that you’d like to be displayed in a one-page Full View. Better yet, you can edit these sections directly from the Full View, without having to switch through multiple tabs – saving you valuable time!

Experience your task and interactions in a whole new way

We’ve provided more details below on how you can make the most of these new Full View capabilities. If you have any questions on how to take advantage of these new features, get in touch with your Client Success Manager.

1. Select an individual task or interaction record

To jump in and get started, navigate to either your interaction or task list.

In this example, we’ve decided to nagivate to our interactions, and will click on the first interaction in our list labeled “Email Tasks.”


2. Explore your new Full View capabilities

Once you’re in the individual record, you’ll see a new tab in your left-hand navigation bar labelled “Full View.” Click here.

Now you can start exploring your new Full View capabilities. First, find the Section button in the top righthand corner of the page. Here you can choose as many (or as few) sections as you’d like to create the most comprehensive task or interaction full view.


3. Experience your records in a whole new way

Once you’ve chosen your desired sections, simply scroll down the page to quickly view all chosen information relating to the task or interaction record. From there, you can easily make any desired edits that will be reflected throughout the system.

In the example below, you can see the same Full View capabilities in an individual task context.

Both Task and Interaction Full Views share the same capabilities so you can experience both in a whole new way! 


Interested in learning more?

These Task and Interaction Full View Capabilities were released in Practifi Chardonnay. You cann view the full release notes here. If you’re interested in learning how to make the most of these new features, please reach out to your Client Success Manager. 

And if you’re interest in learning more about Practifi, contact us today.

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