Practifi On Tour: Melbourne Training Takeaways

In order to make any kind of significant impact, whether it be grand or small, requires a bit of knowledge and calculated effort. 

Especially when it comes to setting up a system as complex and ever-changing as a CRM, with it’s many features, data management components, setup options, and integrations. You need to know where you’re headed, map out the plan, and then take calculated steps to get there.

But, there’s a lot of power behind effort, even if it’s the smallest bit day-by-day.

For example, consider the exponential calculation below. Even with the smallest amount of consistent effort every day, the final output is so much greater than none at all!

That being said, all of our users who made it out to our Melbourne training experienced a huge advantage of calculated effort that day.

With attendees from multiple different clients represented, it was the first time these users had been in the same room together. Conversations flowed naturally, with users sharing their personal experiences with Practifi, their journey’s learning the technology, and how they’re better advisers because of it.

The topics covered in the training were timely – primarily related to our latest product release Sangiovese Late Harvest and our latest integration announcement with Iress Xplan.

With a growing demand for content and release material as our product improvements are increasingly providing more value for clients, we find that training is the most impactful way to create an experience through learning.

One of the biggest takeaways for us, and also for our users, was the value added by meeting other like-minded advisers and sharing their experiences.

We engaged Practifi after becoming frustrated with our previous CRM. And what a relief! Our firm is now more efficient, our clients have a smoother and more consistent experience, and our staff know what happens, when, and how. It means we can spend more time working ‘on’ the business than ‘in’ the business. Not only that, we’re able to customize processes, the user interface, templates, and automation to the way we run our firm in a super easy way. We’re not locked down to the “one way”. We say, “automate the process, personalise the advice”, and Practifi helps us do this!

Robert Baharian
Founder & CEO // Baharian Wealth Mangement

Practifi has allowed us to streamline our efficiences and our workflows in a very adaptable and customised way, to suit the way we like to do business. In the financial services industry, where compliance requirements are impacting our efficiencies, this provides us with clarity and confidence that we have incorporated the compliance regime into our processes from end to end. A big relief – so that we can focus on servicing our much valued clients.

Coreen Grimwood
Head of Operations & Business Alliances // Wainscott Financial

We look forward to holding more training in the future and continuing to put forth that bit of continuous effort!

Reach out to your Client Success Manager to learn more about any upcoming training in your area, specific on-site team training, or other client networking opportunities. 

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