Practifi Wins Outstanding Achievement in CRM at 2021 Wealthies

BY Adrian Johnstone
cheif executive officer, Practifi

We’re proud to announce Practifi has won the 2021 Industry Award for CRM in the category of Technology Providers! These awards recognize outstanding achievement, product innovation and leadership by organizations and individuals serving the financial advisor community.

Practifi’s 2021 Wealthies nomination focused on the recent addition of role-based apps to our platform. The revolutionary apps surface data, dashboards and reports most pertinent to the different roles within an organization helping teams save time, minimize risk and streamline processes.

We unify your firm with our role-based apps

In today’s dispersed workforce, it’s crucial to have platforms and systems in place that help your teams focus on their most important work, collaborate seamlessly and provide a great client experience. However, each firm is made up of many different roles and teams, each with a unique job to do.

Whether it’s managing assets, booking appointments, analyzing campaign performance or sourcing productivity analytics, we understand that different teams need different information and capabilities. Working from one generic dashboard makes it difficult for specialized teams to do their job efficiently, which is why we created role-based apps. With tailored dashboards, pages, charts, tiles and navigation items, our role-based apps provide a truly curated experience to empower each team within a wealth management firm. 

To date, we’ve rolled out apps tailored to these roles:

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We’re dedicated to innovation

With a focus on client success and product innovation, we work hard to provide the foundation and support needed to build the advisory firms of the future. A few ways we do this is by introducing five product releases each year that improve the day-to-day for our users, building deep integrations with the industry’s best partners, and continuously strengthening our technical capabilities.

This new award is a testament to our dedication to innovation and our commitment to helping financial firms and their clients achieve greater success. Here at Practifi, we understand that deep partnerships with our clients and other providers are key to moving the industry forward. We’re thankful to for recognizing us as a best-in-class solution for the industry, and we look forward to rolling out even more innovative features and solutions!

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