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Even with the COVID-19 pandemic in the rear view, there will always be another market event around the corner. Advisory firms need to be able to consistently deliver value to their clients, even in the face of market downturns and tough economic landscapes. 

This eBook offers four tips to help advisors turn market challenges into powerful growth opportunities for their firms. Download it now to start putting your strategic plan in place!

An Advisor Platform Powering More Possibilities

Practifi is the advisor platform optimizing performance by transforming data into insights, action and excellence at scale.

We help wealth management firms go beyond traditional financial CRMs and redefine what’s possible.

Practifi wealth management performance optimization platform and CRM
Practifi wealth management performance optimization platform and CRM

Financial Services CRM, Reinvented

Unlike traditional financial services CRMs, the Practifi advisor platform unifies your team, data and best-in-class tools to give the visibility and oversight you need to drive your organization forward. Our enterprise workflow engine, open API and robust analytics centralize data sources to maximize actions and insights.

Award-Winning Advisor Platform

Practifi has been recognized as one of the leading advisor platforms in the industry, earning top honors for our intelligent design, thoughtful advisor tools and innovative features. 

Financial advisor tools empowering peak performance

Leverage the Practifi advisor platform to identify the drivers of your firm’s success and amplify them. Our comprehensive suite of financial advisor tools enhance operational efficiency, data quality and platform adoption, all within an intuitive user experience. 

Smart automation

Automatically manage dates, alerts, processes, marketing and more in one place.

Compliance management

Track every email, document, meeting, and note for rich client records in one secure location.

Open API

Connect with the best tools available at no additional cost with our open API.

Pipeline tracking

Watch deals flourish in our rich, industry-specific pipeline management engine.

Enterprise workflow engine

Unlock pre-built workflows for account openings, annual client reviews, and more.

Salesforce AppExchange

Choose from more than 3,000 integrations to create your perfect tech stack.

Centers of Influence (COI)

Segment and manage referral sources efficiently with quantifiable detail.

Analytics and reporting

Monitor team productivity, sales performance and revenue tracking, all in real-time.


Access client details, complete tasks, start processes, and more with our rich mobile app.

Practifi integrates with top financial advisor tools

Shape your ideal advisor tech stack with industry-leading integrations that centralize your data and tools, creating the visibility and connectivity you need across your entire organization. 

Partnership beyond platform support

We believe that partnership means more than just picking up the phone when something goes wrong. Our team is committed to working closely with clients to find solutions to their challenges–or build them if they don’t exist.

In-house teams

Skip the hassle of third-party consultants. Our experts can configure your advisor platform and build customized solutions for your business.

Client-inspired innovation

We build our financial advisor tools based on client feedback, and draw inspiration for new features from their needs and challenges.

Commitment to delivering value

We act as your trusted advisor to understand your unique goals and challenges and continuously find ways to provide exceptional value.

Unlock new possibilites with Practifi

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