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Business management solutions, aren’t one-size-fits all. Maybe you’ve found that the tool you’re using is too complicated. Or too limited. Or maybe it’s too expensive. At Practifi, we deliver a business management platform built for the business of financial advice.

Bring your firm together

See how Practifi’s powerful business management platform in action.

Go beyond the traditional CRM

Practifi is more than a virtual rolodex. 

That means you have access to our full-service business management platform and will never have to worry about whether your solution is the right fit, because it was developed specifically with you in mind.  

Pipeline tracking

Watch deals flourish in our rich, industry-specific pipeline management tool.

Enterprise workflow engine

Unlock pre-built workflows for account openings, annual client reviews, and more.

Analytics and reporting

Monitor team productivity, sales performance, and revenue tracking, all in real-time.

Smart automation

Automatically manage dates, alerts, processes, marketing, and more in one place.

Compliance management

Track every email, document, meeting, and note for rich client records in one secure location.

Centers of influence

Efficiently segment and manage referral sources down to the quantifiable details.

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If you’re working with a CRM that’s not the right fit for your advisory business, see why Practifi is the better business management platform for financial professionals.   

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