PractiFI Tutorials

Your guide to running a killer wealth business on PractiFI. High-level summaries, concept dives, screen by screen details and more.

Getting an overview of PractiFI

PractiFI Video

Video: Logging in & basic navigation

Here’s a quick video (3 min – you can spare 3 min, eh?) that explains how to log into PractiFI and how to navigate around. It’s a nice little primer if you’re new to PractiFI and wondering “great, but how do I get started?”.

PractiFI Key Concepts

Slidedeck: PractiFI Key Concepts

New to PractiFI? Welcome! This key concepts slidedeck is a great place to get started. It’s a quick read and gives you an easy overview of, well, the key concepts (hence the name). Well worth a quick once-over before diving into more detail.

Managing your clients and client people

Deep Dive

Concept Dive: Clients & People

As you may have seen in our Key Concepts slide deck, the concepts of clients and people are pretty critical in PractiFI. Here we take a deeper dive to explain why PractiFI handles clients and people a little differently to other systems you’ve used. We like to think it’ll all be second nature to you in no time.

Tracking the services you perform for clients

Deep Dive

Concept Dive: Services

If you’ve seen our Key Concepts slide deck, you’ll know a little about services already. We take service tracking pretty seriously in PractiFI, because we find most practices don’t do it very well. Here we take a quick dive to explain what services are all about in PractiFI and why we think they’ll be great for your practice.

How To

How To: Create a Service

Services are where you’ll track the commercial business you do with your clients. And they’re pretty all round awesome. Here we explain how to create a service for a client. Ready?

Running your practice’s processes & tasks

How To

How To: Create Processes & Steps

In designing PractiFI, we heard loud and clear that driving practice efficiency is a top priority. And everyone knows that standardising routine operations leads to higher quality output, makes training easier and drives up the value of your business. But you also told us that it had to be simple.

Meet PractiFI’s Processes. A cinch to create and adjust, powerful to work with every day.

How To

How To: Start and Manage a Process

PractiFI’s processes and tasks help you manage the everyday operations of your practice. They allow you to delegate, manage and track your team’s work with control and efficiency. Here, we explain how to start a new process and manage it through to completion. Ready?

Deep Dive

Concept Dive: Processes & Tasks

As you may have seen in our Key Concepts slide deck, the concepts of clients and people are pretty critical in PractiFI. Here we take a deeper dive to explain why PractiFI handles clients and people a little differently to other systems you’ve used. We like to think it’ll all be second nature to you in no time.

Generating standard documents from predefined templates

How To

How To: Work with Conga Data Sets in PractiFI

PractiFI and Conga are a match made in document generation heaven! Remember what it felt like to have to type all those pesky documents by hand? Well remember no more. Once we’re done with you, you’ll be creating all your documents through Conga for PractiFI. Seriously.

Configuring PractiFI for your practice

How To

How To: Upload New Clients & People Into PractiFI

So you’ve made the decision to jump on the PractiFI bandwagon? Good call. Go you!
Once you’ve managed to recover from having your mind blown, you’ll probably want to get some of your data into the system. And the best place to start is with your Clients and People.

How To

How To: Configure Your PractiFI Reference Data

PractiFI’s pretty awesome right out of the box. But even we don’t have the power to build a solution that fits everyone’s business straight off the shelf. That’s why we’ve made it really easy to configure your reference data, so that you can have PractiFI your way.

How To

How To: Manage Users & Licences

Overview Managing your PractiFI users and licences is a job for the nominated system administrator in your practice. PractiFI leverages the built-in power of Salesforce’s user management and there’s tons of great information available on that. But here we’ll just cover the essentials you need to know for managing users and licences in PractiFI. The […]

Integrating PractiFI with your other technology

Provisio Integration Guide

Overview This integration allows you to run strategy scenarios directly from your clients’ accounts in PractiFI. Key client information will be pre-populated from PractiFI to remove the need to rekey when running scenarios. Enabling the Provisio integration Ensure you have System Administrator access and a current Provisio subscription.   1. Go to PractiFI Settings (top […]

Praemium V-Wrap Integration Guide

Overview The integration with Praemium V-Wrap allows you to view and launch your clients’ V-Wrap portfolios from within the PractiFI Assets tab. Enabling the Praemium Integration *Ensure you have System Administrator access 1. Go to PractiFI Settings (top right menu) 2. Click the Config icon 3. Click the Integrations sub tab 4. Click the pencil to […]

DocuSign Integration Guide

Overview PractiFI’s direct integration with DocuSign allows you to send documents for signature and track the status of envelopes and recipients. You must have an active DocuSign plan to use this integration. Installing and enabling DocuSign for Salesforce (System Admin) 1. Go to the DocuSign App Exchange listing: 2. Follow the instructions to Install the […]

Campaign Monitor Integration Guide

Installing and Enabling the Campaign Monitor integration (System Admin) 1. Install the Campaign Monitor for Salesforce app from the Campaign Monitor AppExchange listing: The Installation Guide can be found in the Details tab of the listing You will be guided through the setup and connecting your Campaign Monitor account (Note: Skip the page layouts step) […]

Box Integration Guide

Overview There is now another option for your document storage needs. Box is now integrated into PractiFI, allowing you to synchronise and access your Box documents within Client View. You must have a Box subscription to use this integration. Installing and Enabling the Box integration (System Admin) 1. Install the Box for Salesforce app from […]

How To

How To: Setup Your PractiFI Web Enquiry Form

Does copy & paste drive you mad? Do you hate typing? Have you ever wished a client enquiry could go directly into PractiFI?

Ask and ye shall receive! With a little bit of jiggery-pokery, and a whole lot of PractiFI magic, you can now capture enquiries from your website, straight into your PractiFI. Follow the steps below (don’t worry, they look a lot scarier than they really are) to start living the dream.

Implementing PractiFI for long term success

Become a PractiFI Expert

7 Steps to an Awesome PractiFI Rollout

You’ve subscribed to PractiFI, you’re excited about what it can do for your business and your team is raring to go. But what happens now? With some drive and up-front thinking, you’ll be well on your way to PractiFI nirvana in no time. And a great place to start that planning is with our 7 Steps to an Awesome PractiFI Rollout. Ready?

Troubleshooting PractiFI

Automating PractiFI for maximum efficiency

Managing relationships

Coming soon. :)

Capturing file notes & documents collaboratively using the feed

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Tracking client goals & recommendations

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Tracking client assets & liabilities

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Managing client insurance policies & benefits

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Managing service providers

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