Praemium V-Wrap Integration Guide


The integration with Praemium V-Wrap allows you to view and launch your clients’ V-Wrap portfolios from within the PractiFI Assets tab.

Enabling the Praemium Integration

*Ensure you have System Administrator access

1. Go to PractiFI Settings (top right menu)

2. Click the Config icon

3. Click the Integrations sub tab

4. Click the pencil to edit

5. Tick “Enable Praemium”

6. Enter the Praemium Access Code (provided by Praemium, specific to your business)

7. The Praemium SSO End Point will be prepopulated

8. Enter the Praemium Service ID (provided by Praemium, specific to your business)

9. Save

10. Go to the Categories tab

11. Filter for Portfolio Holding Category

12. Filter for Inactive

13. Click the pencil icon to edit the Praemium V-Wrap record

14. Check the Active box

15. Save

16. You now need to add remote site settings for Praemium:

17. Go to Salesforce Setup

18. In the left hand menu under Administer, expand the Security Controls sub menu

19. Select Remote Site Settings

20. Click the New Remote Site button

New Remote Site

21. Enter the relevant values as follows and Save

Setting up Praemium User ID

1. Add your Praemium User ID:

2. Go to your Team Member view

3. Edit Basics

4. Enter Praemium UserID

5. Save

6. Note: If you cannot see the Praemium User ID Field, do the following:

7. Go to Salesforce Setup

8. Scroll down to the Build menu in the left bar – expand the Customise menu

9. Scroll down and expand the Users menu

10. Click Fields

11. Scroll down to the User Custom Fields section

12. Click Set Field Security

13. Ensure that all are visible

14. Save

Using Praemium

*Add a Praemium V-Wrap Account:

1. Go to Client View for the desired client

2. Go to the Assets and Liabilities tab

3. Click ‘+’ to add an Asset

4. Select Praemium V-Wrap from the dropdown list

5. Enter the client’s Praemium Portfolio ID

6. Save

*View a Praemium V-Wrap Account:

1. Go to Client View for the desired client

2. Go to the Assets and Liabilities tab

3. Click the view icon next to the Praemium V-Wrap account listing

4. This will open Praemium V-Wrap in a new tab