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Addepar Integration Overview

We’ve joined forces with Addepar to make sure you always have the most up-to-date information on your clients’ financial health. With one simple click, you’ll be able to dive into your client’s assets and holdings within Practifi.

1. Access Addepar accounts and holdings from the Client 360 view

Practifi’s Client 360 view lets you view a client’s most important information: total assets, active services, open processes, etc. With the Addepar integration, you can dive deeper into specfic accounts and holdings using the “Addepar Portfolio” tab.

2. Track related account information

Within the Addepar Portfolio tab, you’ll be able to see all Addepar accounts and related to the client record. Addepar accounts are synced over as Practifi Assets.

3. Dive into portfolio holdings

By clicking into a respective Asset (or, Addepar Portfolio), you’ll be able to drill down into the individual holdings information. Holdings information, along with accounts, are synced over over to Practifi on a daily basis to keep you up to date.

How this integration helps advisors


Reduce error and eliminate the task of manually updating asset and holding balances between systems.


Free up your time and use it to grow your client relationships and improve investment strategies.

Unified View

Unify the client record within Practifi and view all your clients’ portfolio holdings at a glance.

See the Addepar integration in action

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