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Business Development

Role-Based App

Drive inorganic growth

Leading wealth management firms rely on multiple growth strategies to stay competitive. However, most firms use siloed platforms to manage these activities resulting in disparate data, unscalable processes and the inability to draw insights.

Practifi’s Business Development app makes it easy to manage the full acquisition lifecycle within a single, unified platform.

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Unify all growth activities in one platform

Unify your growth activities by managing M&As, advisor recruitment and client onboardings all in one platform.

See acquisition target overviews with number of clients, AUM and stage so you always know the status of each deal. Check which processes are active and who is responsible for each task.

Increase efficiency with scalable processes

Implement step-by-step repeatable processes to increase the efficiency of your acquisition efforts and create a consistent experience for firms and advisors.

Prospect, qualify and onboard targets through a comprehensive acquisition process. Customize your own workflows or leverage pre-built workflows so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Identify ideal acquisition targets

Track deal-specific metrics and identify the ideal acquisition target with customizable reports and performance dashboards.

 View deal progress, acquisitions by stage and closed deals by AUM to monitor growth activities. Measure time and resources involved to make more informed acquisition decisions.

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