Salesforce World Tour 2017

PractiFI wins inaugural Salesforce PitchComp

Last week, Salesforce held the Sydney leg of their World Tour, which included their inaugural Salesforce PitchComp. PractiFI was one of three cloud based startups chosen to pitch and we are extremely proud to announce that despite the seriously stiff competition, we emerged as the victors!
PractiFI Alsace

PractiFI Alsace Release

It's time for another wine. PractiFI Alsace fills your glass with a crisp set of new features and enhancements.
Spa Experience is Coming

PractiFI Spa Experience is coming

Every now and then we can all benefit from a refresh. That's why we've refreshed the PractiFI user interface from the ground up so that it's better, stronger and faster. The result is the PractiFI Spa Experience, and as a PractiFI user, you're invited.

PractiFI Cabernet Release

We have good news! PractiFI Cabernet has been deployed and as usual, brings with it a host of new features and enhancements.
Campaign Monitor

PractiFI Demo: Campaign Monitor Integration

Creating, sending and monitoring any outreach activity can be difficult, particularly when you are dealing with large numbers of clients. PractiFI's Campaign Monitor integration allows you to create campaigns and maintain visibility over them at a client interaction level. Supercharge your marketing and communication activity, no matter what type of financial services business you operate.
Praemium V-Wrap S

PractiFI Demo: Praemium Integration

PractiFI Pinot Noir brings the ability to add a Praemium V-Wrap account to the Assets tab in your client records. Not only does this help you track any investments that your financial advice clients may have in this platform, but it gives you quick access to their full portfolio at the click of a button.
PractiFI OmniLife Integration

PractiFI Demo: OmniLife Integration

PractiFI's integration with OmniLife makes insurance advice easier than ever with real time quoting and product comparison tools. Useful for wealth advisers and support staff alike, this integration saves valuable time in any financial services advice business that deals in insurance.
PractiFI Box Integration

PractiFI Demo: Box Integration

PractiFI's integration with Box makes secure cloud based document storage easy to access across your business. Share documents and collaborate with your team efficiently and effectively.
PractiFI Provisio Integration

PractiFI Demo: Provisio Integration

PractiFI's integration with Provisio makes model scenarios easier to construct, reducing the need for rekeying of data and providing user friendly outputs that can be used to educate your clients during the sales process.