Campaign Monitor Integration Guide

Installing and Enabling the Campaign Monitor integration (System Admin)

1. Install the Campaign Monitor for Salesforce app from the Campaign Monitor AppExchange listing:

The Installation Guide can be found in the Details tab of the listing

You will be guided through the setup and connecting your Campaign Monitor account (Note: Skip the page layouts step)

To check that it’s connected:

1. Go to Salesforce Setup

2. Click on the ‘+’ in the nav menu to show apps

3. Click on the Campaign Monitor Settings app

4. Connect to your Campaign Monitor account and follow the setup (skip the Page Layout step)

 5. While you’re in the Settings section, click on the Sync Settings menu in the top nav and set your desired sync frequency.

Adding users

1. Go to Salesforce Setup

2. Manage Users

3. Select User(s)

4. Scroll down and look for the Additional Information section – Campaign Monitor User

*If this field does not appear:

1. Click the hidden arrow at right of screen to show the menu

2. Click Edit Layout

3. Drag Campaign Monitor item down into the Additional Information section

4. Now, still within the User section, click Edit

5. Scroll down and find the Additional Information field

6. Enter the user’s Campaign Monitor User ID

7. Save

Now add user permissions for all relevant users:

1. Go to Salesforce Setup

2. In the left hand menu, find Users

3. Click on a user

4. Scroll down to the Permission Set Assignments section

5. Click Edit Assignments

Permission Set Assignments

6. Add relevant Campaign Monitor Access 

7. Go to PractiFI Settings (top right menu)

8. Click the Config icon

9. Click the Integrations sub tab

10. Click the pencil to edit

11. Tick “Enable Campaign Monitor”

12. Save

Using Campaign Monitor

Sending an email campaign:

1. Go to Salesforce Setup

2. Go to the settings menu (top right account/username)

3. Click on Campaign Monitor

4. Campaign Monitor will open

5. Create a campaign as per usual (see the App Exchange listing  for user documentation on Campaign Monitor)

Viewing campaigns for a client:

1. Navigate to a Client

2. Go to the Interactions tab

3. Click on the Campaign Monitor sub tab to see events