Practifi Marsanne Release Notes


We’re excited to kick-off the new year with a new release, Practifi Marsanne.

Although challenging to cultivate, Marsanne grapes are pleasantly aromatic and full of flavor. As a result, this Rhône Valley native is known to create some of the most enjoyable white wines in the world. First, crisp citrus elements surprise the palate with a touch of acidity and then silky hints of pineapple, honeysuckle and caramel swirl together to create a delightful orchestra of flavors.

Similarly, Practifi Marsanne suits a variety of palates. With a wide range of new product features and integration enhancements, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, your Client Success Manager will be happy to help.

Practifi Marsanne Overview

Practifi Marsanne introduces an improved product experience combining new and improved core features, client portal capabilities as well as some exciting integration enhancements. The foundation of this release combines the power of Salesforce’s Lightning platform with both new and existing Practifi features. These improvements are made specifically as RIA industry solutions to help firms run and scale their businesses from anywhere.

Below are just a few of the new capabilities you can now enjoy as part of Practifi. You can view the detailed product release notes here.

Key Highlights

Expand the power of Processes within your firm

Start Processes from a selection of new records, expanding the power of Processes within your firm. In addition to being able to relate Processes to Assets, Services, Deals, Divisions and more, you can also view Process updates directly from the new Process tab on the related record page.

Print Tear Sheets to view account summaries offline

Easily view, save and print a single-page summary of key information related to a specific client or prospect. Particularly useful for offline meetings, Tear Sheets provide a comprehensive summary of the most important information you need.

Automatically tidy up your database with Deep Delete

Keeping your Practifi instance clean and tidy just got a lot easier. Now when you delete a household, individual or organization record, all associated records such as Processes, Tasks, Assets, Deals, Relationships and Events will be automatically removed as well. One and done!

Seamlessly reassign account owners with Change Owners

Easily reassign the owner of a household, individual or organization and associated records with a few simple clicks. In addition to being able to automatically reassign the account owner, you can also enjoy flexible reassignment options for related records.

Other Product Enhancements

Get the job done more efficiently with Subtabs

Keeping your workspace tidy, Subtabs help store information related to a given record below the workspace tab row. Now you can easily compare details between different records, helping you get the job done more efficiently.

Access files with the Files menu item

Quickly find files that have been uploaded to Practifi with the new Files menu item. Available in all apps, you can now enjoy a more organized and transparent way to manage internal file storage within your firm.

Link Processes confidently with improved search results

Confidently link a prospect or client’s Service, Asset, Liability, or Division with the correct Process. With improved pre-filtered search, now only results will appear that share an account with the Process you’re editing.

Link Financials confidently with improved search results

Confidently link a client’s Asset or Liability with the correct Service. With improved pre-filtered search, now only results will appear that share a client with the Asset or Liability you’re editing.

Link Financials to additional entities
Track Asset and Liability ownership more closely by linking the respective Client Entities or Primary Entities through a new lookup field on the Asset or Liability you’re editing.

Capture more information related to Financial Products
Record information related to investment targets and approaches with new fields added for Private Investments, Investment Minimum and Investor Eligibility.

Seamlessly reassign multiple tasks at once

Save time in your day by using the new Reassign Owner mass action for tasks. Available on record pages, you can now seamlessly reassign multiple tasks at once.

Report on Activities more accurately with new Event Types

Improve reporting and gain insights with four new Event Type categories. Default options include Meeting, Webinar, Seminar and Annual Review to get you started.

Amplify the value of your advice with Practifi Portals

New table and overview features have been enabled for Practifi Portals to increase transparency and improve the client portal user experience. Practifi Portals requires specific enablement. Speak to your Client Success Manager if you are interested in learning more.

Integration Enhancements

Manage Envestnet Proposals seamlessly from Practifi

Envestnet provides unified wealth management technology and products to financial advisors and institutions. In addition to being able to pre-fill Envestnet Proposals within Practifi, you can now enjoy these features as part of our integration with the Envestnet platform:

  • Easily manage Envestnet Proposals: Under Financial Advice you can now view and access a list of all Envestnet Proposals related to that account
  • Envestnet Proposal Single Sign-On (SSO) Access: By clicking into a given Proposal in Practifi, you can now seamlessly access a detailed Proposal in Envestnet through SSO directly from Practifi
Enjoy a more comprehensive total AUM per account
Easily track AUM per household, organization or individual. When ‘Under Advice’ Assets are synced from your Portfolio Management system and related to an Asset Management Service or similar, the value of these Assets will automatically roll-up into the total AUM Key Field.

Enhanced Practifi API
Connect with and enjoy an enhanced Practifi API as we continue to expand our ecosystem for industry partners. The Practifi API has recently been updated to meet the needs of our new MoneyGuide integration.

Want to learn more?

Your Client Success Manager is here to help. Let them know if you have any questions or would like to learn how to make the most of these product improvements.

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