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Feature Comparison: Practifi vs. Junxure CRM

February 21, 2020

By Allison lasley

In the financial advice space, there are a lot of software options to choose from. 

Comparing products can be confusing, time consuming and stressful to say the least.

But, we want to make your decision on which tools to use as easy as possible!

Each business management platform in the financial advice space was built with advisor’s unique needs in mind. That means specific platforms are more suited for RIAs, family-offices, broker-dealers, international firms, etc., because all of these businesses have different needs, interests, and goals.

For example: Do you care about customization and personalization? How about your long-term strategies and growth plans? Do you want to have the most modern and slick experience with your technology? Do you want to have an extendable solution for years to come? Do you want something simple just to get you off the ground? How much can you afford to spend on your technology investments right now?

All of these questions are worth putting thought and consideration into. And more often than not, you’ll find yourself weighing the benefits and costs of each.

To make it easier, we’ve brought together a few feature comparisons below to help you decide which business management platform is most suitable for your financial advice business.

Practifi and Junxure Cloud: Feature Breakdown 

In the chart below, you can see a very brief feature comparison between Practifi and Junxure Cloud. Some differences between the two include but are not limited to cash flow reporting, access to real-time analytics, ability to track centers-of-influence, partner management, configurable client profiles, and time tracking abilities.

With the increasing expectations of clients and evolving compliance requirements, it’s more important than ever to choose tools that give you the insights you need to to grow your business, as well as capabilities to create your own unique service offering.

1. Centralize your cash flows

Practifi was created to be the central hub you need to run your advice business. With centralized cash flow reporting, Practifi helps you do exactly that! Easily track incoming revenue and outgoing expenses per client. Dive deeper into the numbers to discover revenue, time and costs per services, helping you continuously improve your business model.

2. Pump up your processes with dymanic workflows
Dynamic workflows allow you to not only assign specific tasks to different individuals involved in the process and track their completion, but also allow you to set predecessor tasks and different outcomes based on specified actions. Implement those “If, Then” branches and let the workflows do the work for you!

3. Gain insights through real-time analytics

To do your job well, you need access to the most accurate data for business reporting. With Practifi, you can say “good-bye” to manual data manipulation. With real-time analytics reporting you’ll be able to monitor every aspect of your firm, from sales performance and process delivery to industry compliance, revenue tracking and more. 

4. Build relationships with centers-of-influence

If you’re not monitoring your centers-of-influence (COI) already, you’re missing out. Client and partner referrals are the richest source of new business for advisors and Practifi’s unique COI monitoring feature makes it easy for you to view relationships between clients and client entities so you can easily identify influencers and pursue new business opportunities. Experience your client community in a whole new way.

5. Manage your partners with ease

Just as important as managing your Clients and Prospects, Partners and Providers also need to be monitored as you grow strategic relationships across your business. Practifi enables you to create and monitor Partners with ease, drawing analytics and tracking interactions for business reporting.

6. Configure client profiles

We know that all advice firms are different and will have different needs. Standard client profiles don’t always capture enough information you need to gain insights and grow your business. Practifi helps you do this by offering configurable profiles, so you can capture all the data you need directly on the client record.

7. Easy time-tracking

Your time is valuable, but it can be difficult to track how much time you spend on work for your clients. With Practifi’s native time-tracking feature your team will be able to track all time spent on specific client work down to the second, ensuring you feel confident with your invoicing and billing when it comes time each month. 

Interested in learning more?

This feature comparison is accurate as of February 2020. If you’re interested in learning more about Practifi product features, visit our features page for more details.

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