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Iress Xplan

Financial Planning

Our custom API integration with Iress Xplan ensures you always have the most up-to-date information on your clients.

 The two-way data sync brings over key financial planning data from Xplan to Practifi so you can access a unified view of client information, increase operational efficiency and track profitability for your firm.

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Achieve more with Practifi and Xplan

Access a unified client view

View clients’ goals, financials, cash flow and other important data in Practifi

Track profitability

Better understand client and firm profitability by syncing Xplan revenue data into Practifi

Increase operational efficiency

Automate processes to efficiently manage and delegate tasks related to financial planning

Deliver exceptional client experiences

Access detailed client overviews

Easily see client FUM, insurance, active services and deliverables so teams can provide proactive services.

View Xplan client goals in Practifi

Manage financial goals within Practifi to ensure your clients are on track to meet them.

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Manage client financials

View client assets and liabilities within Practifi. See which ones are under advice, their current value and the revenue of each, as well as client portfolios and investment holdings.

Oversee client cash flow

Monitor client income and spending within Practifi to make sure they’re staying on track to achieve their financial goals.

Make data-driven decisions

Identify revenue and cost drivers

Better understand client and firm profitability by bringing Xplan revenue data into Practifi. Our pre-built profitability reports increase transparency into revenue and cost drivers so you can make data-driven business decisions. 

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