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Much more than your average CRM.

Customer expectations and compliance requirements have evolved beyond traditional CRM capabilities. In today’s world, growing your business relies on using the right tools that bring your ecosystem together and enable you to scale sustainably.

Watch our video to see Practifi in action and how it brings together all of the tools, processes and information you need to grow.

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User-tailored dashboards

We understand the way your firm works; not every person does the same job. Customised user views filter out the noise so everyone can get the job done efficiently.

Practifi gives you instant access to your assigned clients, key dates, and tasks and workflows – all unique to your own role.

Complete client management

A critical part of compliance is your ability to track every aspect of your client service.

Practifi’s 360 View keeps you on top of ongoing service commitments, interactions, key dates, revenue, affiliated client entities and more.

With a live feed on each client record, you can communicate with your team in real time—making collaboration a breeze. 

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Visualise your growth

More than a CRM, Practifi gives you the power to accelerate your growth by accessing data usually trapped in disparate platforms.

Segment and manage your client lists with extreme precision. Organise your client information in a way that works for you.

Enterprise workflow automation

More than just keeping track of tasks and processes, Practifi automation manages dates, alerts, compliance commitments, marketing and more.

Now, you can design and control every process, from fact-find to finance, and communication to compliance with our powerful enterprise workflow engine.

Discover influencer insights

Client and partner referrals are the richest source of new business for advisers. With our unique relationship view, you can easily view relationships between clients and client entities. Identify influencers and new business opportunities.

Welcome to a whole new way to see your client community.

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Powerful workflow analytics

Logging time, tracking tasks, and providing comprehensive workflow reports don’t have to take up all your time. Practifi gives you back precious time, so you can focus on growth.

Whether you’re an independent advice firm or a licensee, our real-time reporting gives you the confidence to pass the most rigorous of audits.

Detailed business reporting

Say goodbye to manual data manipulation. Monitor every aspect of your firm, from sales performance and process delivery to industry compliance, revenue tracking and more.

Gone are the days of extracting data in spreadsheets, running an analysis, and uploading the results. Filter and segment your data easily to get results fast.

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